​Charlie's Farm (2013Edit

​Name ​Cause of Death Killer On-screen? Note
Male Tourist Decapitated Charlie Wilson Partially
Female Tourist Stabbed and gutted with a speer Charlie Wilson Yes
Female Tourist Killed John Wilson No Flashback
Trevor Killed Wilson Family No Mentioned, Flashback
John Wilson Shot in the hand with pumpgun Bloe Yes Flashback
Marydeth Wilson Beaten to death Angry Residents Partially Flashback
Gordon Stabbed with a speer Charlie Wilson Yes
Alyssa Head smashed with a traktor motor Charlie Wilson Yes
Dounky Penis cut off and pushed in the mouth, choked Charlie Wilson Yes
Melanie Jaw ripped off Charlie Wilson Yes
Troy Neck ripped open Charlie Wilson Yes
Jason Throat cut open Charlie Wilson Yes
Bloe Stabbed in the back with a speer Charlie Wilson Yes Revenge for killing his parents
Natasha Stabbed with a speer Charlie Wilson Yes
Several Tourists Killed Charlie Wilson No Mentioned

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