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Gremlins Edit

  • Roy Hanson - Bit by gremlin ,Lethal injections by School Gremlins
  • Gremlin- Head blended in blender by Lynn Peltzer
  • Gremlin- Stabbed 7 times in stomach by Lynn Peltzer
  • Gremlin- Blown up in microwave by Lynn Peltzer
  • Gremlin - Decapitated by Billy Peltzer
  • Car Crash Victims-Car Pile-Up by Gremlin
  • Ruby Deagle- Fell out window, lands on car by Gremlins
  • Mr. Clark- Head smashed with clock by Gremlins
  • Gerald Hopkins - Left in room to rot by Gremlins
  • Man in Santa Suit - Attacked by Gremlins
  • Deputy Brent-Car flipped over by Gremlins
  • Sheriff Frank - Car flipped over by Gremlins
  • Random People- by Gremlins
  • Random Man - Hand gets stuck in the mailbox by Gremlins
  • Roland Corben-Killed by Gremlins
  • Gremlin - Crushed in front lid of a car by Billy Peltzer
  • Gremlins - Blown up in movie theatre by Billy Peltzer
  • Stripe- Melted by sun, Fell in water, Skeleton pops out and melts by Gizmo

Gremlins 2: The New Batch Edit

  • Mr. Wing-Dies (off-screen) of an unspecified illness
  • Gremlins-Crushed by Daniel Clamp
  • Leonard Maltin-Strangled by Gremlins
  • Bat Gremlins-Turns him into a stone by Murray Futterman
  • Gremlins-Burned with acid by Gremlins
  • Dr. Catheter-Electrocuted by Electric Gremlins
  • Gremlins-Shot by Brain Gremlins
  • Spider Gremlins-Burned by Gizmo
  • Electric Gremlins-Killed by Billy Peltzer
  • Gremlins-Electrocuted by Electric Gremlins
  • Brain Gremlins-Electrocuted by Electric Gremlins

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