List of Deaths in the 1981 American Slasher film Happy Birthday to Me


Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Bernadette 'O' Hara Throat slit with straight razor Ann Thomerson Yes
Etienne Vercures Scarf attached to running motorcycle tire/face gored Ann Thomerson Yes
Greg Hellman Weight dropped on groin, weight lifts falls/throat crushed Ann Thomerson Yes
Alfred Morris Gutted with pruning shears Ann Thomerson Yes
Steve Maxwell Shish kebab in mouth Ann Thomerson Yes
Estelle Wainwright Drowned in car crash N/A Yes Accident, Year prior to film
Dr. David Faraday Hit in head with coal holder Ann Thomerson Yes
Amelia   throat slit Ann Thomerson Yes(uncut)
Harold "Hal" Wainwright Throat slit with cake knife Ann Thomerson Yes
Ann Thomerson Knifed in stomach Virginia “Ginny” Wainwright Yes

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