Sorority RowEdit

Name Cause Of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Megan Blaire Tire iron through chest Garrett Bradley Yes Accident
Dr.Rosenberg Harpoon of tire iron thrown into forehead Andy Richards Yes
Charlene "Chugs" Bradley Wine bottle shoved down throat, throat slit with knife of tire iron Andy Richards Yes
Joanna Spear head of tire iron in throat Andy Richards Yes
Mickey Donaldson Leg broken with board, knife of tire iron in throat through wall Andy Richards Yes
Claire Wen Shot in mouth with flare gun Andy Richards Yes
Mrs. Crenshaw Pushed against wall with table/harpoon of tire Iron through back Andy Richards Yes
Kyle Tyson Axed in back of head Andy Richards Yes
Jessica Pierson Impaled to wall with spear head of tire iron through mouth Andy Richards Yes
Andy Richards Shot in chest with shotgun, fell through floor into fire Ellie Morris Yes

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