Victim Cause of Death Killer On-Screen
Ben Talbot Slashed across chest/face, mauled Sir John Talbot (werewolf) Partly
Hunter Tackled to ground/ mauled Sir John Talbot (werewolf) Yes
Gypsy Back ripped open Sir John Talbot (werewolf) Yes
Gypsy Arm torn off/ blood loss Sir John Talbot (werewolf) Yes
Gypsy Arm and leg torn off/ blood loss Sir John Talbot (werewolf) Yes
Gypsy Shot in chest Mr. Kirk Yes
Mr. Kirk Pulled out of tent from behind/ mauled Sir John Talbot(werewolf) Yes
Gypsy Mauled Sir John Talbot (werewolf) No
Constable Nye Fingers sliced off/ claws thrust through chin Sir John Talbot (werewolf) Yes
2 Gypsies Mauled Sir John Talbot (werewolf) No
Johnny Sliced across face/ gutted Lawrence Talbot (werewolf) Yes
MacQueen Arm torn off/ shot in chest accidentally Lawrence Talbot (werewolf), hunter Yes
Hunter Shot accidentally Hunter Yes
Squire Strickland Flung against wall/ back broken Lawrence Talbot (werewolf) Yes
Colonel Montford Decapitated Lawrence Talbot (werewolf) Yes
Dr. Lloyd Mauled Lawrence Talbot (werewolf) No
Hunter from Dream Torn apart  N/A No
Solana Talbot Throat torn out Sir John Talbot (werewolf) Yes
Ripler Thrown against wall/ mauled/ liver torn out Lawrence Talbot (werewolf) Yes
Dr. Hoenegger Thrown out glass window/ impaled on asylum gates Lawrence Talbot (werewolf) Yes
Officer Davis Pounced on from building/ crushed Lawrence Talbot (werewolf) Yes
Pedestrian Run over by double decker bus/ back broken Bus driver Yes
4 bus riders Sliced open with claws Lawrence Talbot (werewolf) Yes
Singh and Carter Bludgeoned with cane/ stabbed to death Sir John Talbot  No
Sir John Talbot Back slashed open/ bitten/ thrown in fire place/ decapitated Lawrence Talbot (werewolf) Yes

Lawrence Talbot

Shot in chest with silver bullet Gwen Conliffe