anack su kills pharaoh seti anack su stabs herself in the stomach legionaries kills 30 iraquis rick shoots 2 iraquis with his rifle turks kills 33 french soldiers rick kills 2 iraquis rick shoots 2 more turks raquis shoots 6 egiptian soldiers 6 death bead bodies rick kills 5 medjai warriors rick kills 3 iraquis danniels kills 1 guard rick kills the medjai daniels shoots 1 iraqui 3 arabs kills by gas scarabs kills hassam 1 iraqui shoots 10 arabs medjars kills 3 egyptians burns kills 3 iraquis daniels kills 4 guards rick kills 5 guards evy shoots to iraqui in horse one elephant kills 1 iraqui jonathan kills 3 guards benny gabor kills 1 iraqui rick shoots 2 iraquis evy kills 1 iraqui 1 arab imothep sucks the life of burns imothep kills dr charles chamberlain imothep kills hendersen 2 adventurers are by fireballs danniels shoots 8 slaves imothep kills danniels john kills 2 slaves dr bey kills 6 slaves zombies slaves kills dr bey willston death in plane 1 scarb kill by rick ardeth kills 9 mummies rick soots 5 more mummies jonathan kills 2 mummis ardeth kills 2 soldier mummies rick kills imothep benny Gabor is eat by scarabs

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