Scream Edit

No. Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
1. Maureen Prescott Groin knifed/chest twice/head once Billy Loomis, Stuart Macher No 1 year prior to movie
2. Steven Steve Orth Gutted Billy Loomis Yes Opening Scene
3. Casey Becker Stabbed in chest/groin/stomach/gutted Stuart Macher Yes Opening Scene;Revenge for dumping him for Steve
4. Principal Arthur Himbry Knifed 4 times in chest and stomach Billy Loomis Yes
5. Tatum Riley Crushed and electrocuted by being stuck in garage door cat flap Billy Loomis Yes
6. Kenneth "Kenny" Jones Throat slit with hunting knife/dagger Stuart Macher Yes
7. Stuart Stu Macher Electrocuted by TV smashed on head Sidney Prescott Yes
8. Billy Loomis Shot in head with handgun Sidney Prescott Yes

Scream 2 Edit

No. Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
1. Phil "Phillip" Stevens Stabbed in left ear Mickey Altieri Opening Scene
2. Maureen Evans Stabbed multiple times Mickey Altieri Opening Scene
3. Casey "Cici" Cooper Stabbed, thrown off balcony Mickey Altieri
4. Randy Meeks Stabbed multiple times, throat slit Debbie Loomis Revenge for insulting Billy
5. Officer Richard Andrews Throat slit Mickey Altieri
6. Officer Andrew Richards Impaled in the head by a pipe Mickey Altieri
7. Hallie McDaniel Stabbed multiple times Mickey Altieri
8. Derek Feldman Shot in chest Mickey Altieri
9. Debbie Loomis Shot in neck Cotton Weary
10. Mickey Altieri Shot numerous times Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers

Scream 3 Edit

No. Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
1. Christine Hamilton Stabbed in back Roman Bridger Opening Scene
2. Cotton Weary Stabbed in head Roman Bridger Opening Scene
3. Sarah Darling Stabbed in back Roman Bridger
4. Steven Stone Beaten with frying pan, stabbed in back Roman Bridger
5. Tom "Thomas" Prinze Blown the fuck up Roman Bridger
6. Angelina Tyler Stabbed in chest Roman Bridger
7. Tyson Fox Neck snapped, thrown off balcony Roman Bridger
8. Jennifer Jolie Stabbed in back and stomach Roman Bridger
9. John Milton Throat slit Roman Bridger
10. Roman Bridger Shot in the head Dewey Riley

Scream 4 Edit

No. Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
1. Trudie Harrold Stabbed in chest Ghostface Fictional Character
2. Sherri Macroni Throat slit Ghostface Fictional Character
3. Rachel Milles Stabbed in stomach twice Chloe Garret Fictional Character;Revenge for insulting the movie
4. Marnie Cooper Stabbed in gut Charlie Walker Opening Scene
5. Jenny Randall Stabbed several times Jill "Jillian" Roberts Opening Scene;Revenge for sleeping with Trevor
6. Olivia Morris Stabbed several times Charlie Walker
7. Rebecca Walters Stabbed in stomach, thrown onto van Jill "Jillian" Roberts
8. Deputy Ross Hoss Stabbed in back Jill "Jillian Roberts
9. Deputy Anthony Perkins Stabbed in head Jill "Jillian" Roberts
10. Kate "Katherine" Roberts Stabbed in back Jill "Jillian" Roberts
11. Robbie "Robert" Mercer Stabbed in chest, back, and stomach Charlie Walker
12. Kirby Reed Stabbed twice in stomach Charlie Walker Possible survivor;Revenge for not noticing him for 4 years
13. Trevor Sheldon Shot in groin and head Jill "Jillian" Roberts Made to look like a killer;Revenge for cheating on her
14. Charlie Walker Stabbed in chest and stomach Jill "Jillian" Roberts
15 Jillian "Jill" Roberts Shot in chest with pistol Sidney Prescott