The following is a list of deaths that occur during The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Series

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
Kirkland "Kirk"  Head bludgeoned twice with sledgehammer, hacked apart with chainsaw(off-screen) Jedidiah "Leatherface" Sawyer
Pamela "Pam" Back impaled on meat hook, frozen in freezer(off-screen) Jedidiah "Leatherface" Sawyer
Jerry Head bludgeoned with sledgehammer Jedidiah "Leatherface" Sawyer
Franklin Hardesty Enright Hacked 5 times with chainsaw Jedidiah "Leatherface" Sawyer Corpse seen in part 2
Nubbins "Hitchhiker" Sawyer Run over by 18-wheeler "Black Maria" truck driver Accident, used as puppet in part 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

NameCause of DeathKillerNotes
One Willie Buzz Top of head hacked off with chainsaw while driving car Bubba "Leatherface" Sawyer
Rick "The Prick" Mangled in car crash Bubba "Leatherface" Sawyer Off-screen
L.G.McPeters Head bludgeoned 16 times with hammer, skinned/blood loss "Chop-Top" Sawyer, Bubba "Leatherface" Sawyer
Drayton "Cook" Sawyer Rear slashed with chainsaw, blown up by grenade(off-screen) Lt. Boude "Lefty" Enright, Drayton "Cook" Sawyer Accident, begins as suicide
Bubba "Leatherface" Sawyer Impaled through stomach with chainsaw, blown up by grenade(off-screen) Lt. Boude "Lefty" Enright, Drayton "Cook" Sawyer
Lt. Boude "Lefty" Enright Blown up by grenade Drayton "Cook" Sawyer Off-screen
"Grandpa" Sawyer Blown up by grenade Drayton "Cook" Sawyer Corpse seem in part 3, off-screen
"Chop-Top" Sawyer Stomach sliced 3 times with chainsaw, pushed off great height Vanita "Stretch" Brock

Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 (1990)

NameCause of DeathKillerNotes
W.E. Sawyer Captured, executed in gas chamber The State of Texas Told of in prologue narration
Sally Hardesty Enright Died in private health care facility Natural death Told of in prologue narration
Gina Head bludgeoned with sledgehammer "Leatherface" Jr. Sawyer
Sara Eviscerated with chainsaw "Leatherface" Jr. Sawyer
Ryan McArther Hooked in ankles/hung upside down, head bludgeoned by sledgehammer contraption "Little girl" Sawyer
"Mama" Sawyer Shot 3 times in chest with machine gun Benny
"Tech/Tinker" Sawyer Ear/2 fingers shot off with machine gun/blood loss(off-screen) Benny


Eddie "Tex" Sawyer Knifed in back, covered in gasoline/set on fire/burned alive Michelle Shatnell, Benny Alternate scene:impaled in own trap
Benny Back sliced by chainsaw, drowned in lake "Leatherface" Jr. Sawyer Occurs in alternate scene, survive in film
"Leatherface" Jr. Sawyer Head bludgeoned 11 times with rock, drowned in lake Michelle Shatnell
Alfredo Sawyer Shot in the chest with shotgun Michelle Shatnell Alternate cut:drowned, official cut:survives drowning

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994)

NameCause of DeathKillerNotes
"I'm not hurt" boy Incapacitated in car accident, neck snapped Vilmer Slaughter
Sean Kingsley Run over 11 times by tow-truck Vilmer Slaughter
Barry Rodchester Head bludgeoned with sledgehammer "Leather" Slaughter
W.E. Slaughter Head bludgeoned with sledgehammer Vilmer Slaughter Debatable death, possibly survived due to Part 3 reference
Heather Hutchins Back impaled on meat hook, back burned, neck crushed underfoot "Leather" Slaughter, Vilmer Slaughter
Mr. Spottish, Mrs. Spottish RV crash Vilmer Slaughter, "Leather" Slaughter Debatable?
Vilmer Slaughter Head split open by airplane propeller Apparent Illuminati pilot

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

NameCause of DeathKillerNotes
Hitchhiker Shot through mouth/rear windshield with pistol Herself Suicide
Kemper Head bludgeoned with sledgehammer Thomas "Leatherface" Hewitt
Pepper Back sliced/cut in half with chainsaw Thomas "Leatherface" Hewitt
Andy Leg sliced off with chainsaw, back impaled on meat hook, chest knifed Thomas "Leatherface" Hewitt, Erin Hardesty Mercy killing by Erin
Morgan Hands handcuffed/hung on chandelier, sliced up in crotch with chainsaw Thomas "Leatherface" Hewitt
Charlton "Charlie" Hewitt Jr. "Sheriff Winston Hoyt" Hit by police car,run over 3 times by police car Erin Hardesty Enright
Detective Wallace, Detective Adams Killed with chainsaw Thomas "Leatherface" Hewitt Not seen

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)

Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
Sloane Murphy Birthing complications Her baby, later "Thomas 'Leatherface' Hewitt"
Meat Plant Owner Hit in back, crushed under desk, legs broken/head bludgeoned with sledgehammer Thomas "Leatherface" Hewitt Revenge for insulting him
Sheriff Winston Hoyt Shot through head/cheek with shotgun Charlton "Charlie" Hewitt Jr. Identity stolen
Alex Shot with shotgun Charlton "Charlie" Hewitt Jr. "Sheriff Winston Hoyt"
Holden Sliced in two with chainsaw Thomas "Leatherface" Hewitt
Eric Arms flayed with knife, impaled through stomach with chainsaw Thomas "Leatherface" Hewitt
Bailey Chest impaled with meat hook, tongue cut out, throat sliced with scissors Thomas "Leatherface" Hewitt
Dean Impaled through back with chainsaw/lifted Thomas "Leatherface" Hewitt
Chrissie Impaled through back with chainsaw while driving car Thomas "Leatherface" Hewitt Stabbed in the torso with knife, with knife being pulled up through her chest (alternate death)
Police Officer and Motorist Ran over by car Thomas "Leatherface" Hewitt Accident caused by Chrissie's death

Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
Female Sawyer Relative Shot in neck, burned in house Residents of Newt, Texas
Male Sawyer Relative Shot in chest, burned in house

Boss Sawyer

Shot through back, burned in house
Bear Sawyer Shot through back, burned in house
Drayton "Cook" Sawyer Shot in stomach, burned in house
Male Sawyer Relative Burned alive by molotov, fell through window
"Grandpa" Sawyer Shot in chest, burned in house
Loretta Sawyer Shot in back, kicked in head/neck snapped Residents of Newt, Texas, Gavin Miller
Verna Sawyer-Carson Old age N/A Mentioned
Darryl Head bludgeoned 6 times with hammer Jedidiah "Leatherface" Sawyer
Kenny Hooked in back, back impaled on meat hook, sliced in half with chainsaw Jedidiah "Leatherface" Sawyer
Ryan Tire slashed with chainsaw/head smashed through windshield in van crash Jedidiah "Leatherface" Sawyer
Nikki Leg/stomach slashed with chainsaw, frozen in freezer (off-screen), forehead shot with handgun Officer Marvin Accident
Officer Marvin Hit in chest/back 5 times with hatchet, face flayed with knife Jedidiah "Leatherface" Sawyer
Ollie Brown Pitchfork in stomach Edith Sawyer "Heather Miller"
Mayor Burt Hartman Ankle sliced/hands sliced off with chainsaw, fell into meat grinder/hacked apart Jedidiah "Leatherface" Sawyer
Gavin Miller, Arlene Miller Killed with chainsaw Jedidiah "Leatherface" Sawyer Post-credits scene

Leatherface (2017) Edit

Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Blake Bludgeoned in head with hammer Grandpa Sawyer
Betty Hartman Crushed with truck engine Nubbins Sawyer
Nurse Head smashed on a table Verna Sawyer Debatable death?
Orderly Beaten to death Bud
Orderly Beaten to death Bud
Female Patient Strangled to death with rope Clarice
Dr. Lang Head smashed on a window repeteadly Bud
Nurse Stabbed in mouth and throat with scissors Insane Asylum Patient
Insane Asylum Patient Face kicked repeteadly Jackson/Jedidiah Sawyer
Orderly Tied up in a wheelchair and thrown from a window Insane Asylum Patient
Male Diner Customer Stabbed in the neck with a knife Clarice
Male Diner Customer Shot in face with revolver Clarice
Male Diner Customer Shot in face with revolver Clarice
Tammy Slashed with knife and shot in the head with a shotgun Isaac "Ike"
Isaac "Ike" Face crushed against a rock Bud Revenge for insulting him
Clarice Shot in the face with revolver Texas Ranger Hal Hartman
Bud Shot in side of the head with revolver Deputy
Deputy Head beaten with police car door repeteadly Jackson/Jedidiah Sawyer
Deputy Sorells Slashed in the gut and fed to pigs Verna Sawyer
Texas Ranger Hal Hartman Chest and gut cut open with chainsaw Jackson/Jedidiah Sawyer Revenge for severing his face
Nurse Elizabeth "Lizzy" White Decapitated with chainsaw Jackson/Jedidiah Sawyer

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