No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1. Sharon Stabbed in head with knife Shaman No
2. Tom Stabbed Through throat with knife Shaman Yes
3. Scott Fall from cliff Ben Ritchie(Shaman) Yes
4. Sidney Stabbed to death Ben Ritchie(Shaman) Yes
5. Rose's Boyfriend Stabbed to death Shaman Partily Flashback
6. Rose Olsen Stabbed from underneath while on bed Shaman Yes Flashback
7. Tracy Stabbed through head with meat-hook Ben Ritchie(Shaman) Partily
8. Tony Finger cut off by axed,Hacked to death Ben Ritchie(Shaman) Partily
9. Julia Ritchie Blade across face Robert Ritchie Partily For trying to kill him
10. Bob Impaled on Speared Spear Trap Yes
11. Cissy Axed in head Ben Ritchie(Shaman) Yes
12. Ben Ritchie(Shaman) Shot to death by shotgun Charlie(the Sheriff) Yes
13. Robert Ritchie Killed off screen Shaman No End-cretid

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