Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Pig Beaten to death Billy Nolan Yes
Tommy Ross Bucket falls onto his head Billy Nolan and Chris Hargensen Yes
Helen Shyres Knocked over table hard, burned alive Carrie White Yes
Norma Watson Sprayed to death Carrie White Yes
Mr. Morton Electrocuted Carrie White Yes
Ernest Knocked by students, presumably burned alive Students, Carrie White Yes
The Beak
Frieda Jason
Cora Wilson
George Dawson
Miss Collins Crushed to death by a basketball board Carrie White No
Mr. Fromm Electrocuted and burned alive Carrie White Yes
Freddy, Kenny Trapped by the doors, burned alive Carrie White Yes
Rhonda Wilson Burned Carrie White Yes
The rest of the students Burned Carrie White Yes
Billy Nolan, Chris Hargensen Car crashed and burned Carrie White Yes self-defence
Margaret White Stabbed by several objects Carrie White Yes self-defence
Carrie White Bled to death by knife impaling/House collapsed/smashed Margaret White, Self Yes