Carrie (2013)Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Tommy "Thomas" Ross Bucket falls onto his head Billy Nolan and Christine Hargensen


Heather Shyres Thrown into fire door like a rag doll, skull presumably crushed Carrie White Yes
Kenny "Kenneth" Garson Knocked off of bleachers/foot crushed Carrie White Yes
Jackie Talbot Crushed in half by bleachers Carrie White Yes
Freddy "Frederick" Holt Table smashed the camera into his face. Carrie White Yes
Nicki and Lizzy "Elizabeth" Wilson Trampled to death like a newborn Great Dane puppies Carrie White/Several students Yes
Tina Blake Whipped with electric cords like a female Great Dane, knocked into a burning table, burnt alive like a grilled tilapia Carrie White Yes
Mr. Ullmann Electrocuted like a catfish Carrie White No Deleted scene
Most of the prom goers at the prom Electrocuted like a catfish Carrie White Yes
Billy Nolan Smashed his nose into the steering wheel breaking it, thus breaking his nose bone Carrie White Yes self-defence
Christine Hargensen Head bashed through car windshield/glass-shards pierced on the faces Carrie White Yes self-defence
Margaret White Stabbed by several objects and impaled on the wall/bleeding to death Carrie White Yes self-defence
Carrie White House collapsed/smashed (maybe) herself (maybe) Yes (maybe) At the end after Sue's words, Carrie's headstone cracks before exploding, you hear her screams. This indicates that Carrie may still alive.