Dance of the DeadEdit

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Rod Bitten Zombie Yes
Male Zombie Hit in face/stabbed with shovel Gravedigger Yes
5 Zombies Shot with .357 magnum Kyle Grubin Yes
Male Zombie Neck snapped Kyle Grubin Yes
Female Zombie Arm torn off, arm shoved in mouth Kyle Grubin Yes
Male Zombie Jaw torn off by punch Kyle Grubin Yes
Male Zombie Impaled through back/cut in half with baseball bat Jimmy Yes
Male Zombie Elbow drop/arm torn off/decapitated Kyle Grubin, Jimmy Yes
Male Zombie Heel thrown into eye Lindsey Yes
Grammy Zombie Shot 6 times with .357 magnum Kyle Grubin Yes
Male Zombie Head bludgeoned 3 times with leadpipe Jimmy Yes
2 Zombies Shot with .357 magnum Kyle Grubin Yes
Kyle Grubin Neck bitten, turned into zombie, hit in back/face/bludgeoned 11 times with pipe, forced to beat him to death Zombie, Jimmy, Gwen, Steven, Lindsey, George, Jules Yes
Zombies Shot with m4 carbine Coach Keel Yes
Principal Killed (off-screen), hit 7 times with shovel Frank Hammond, Steven Yes Turned into Zombie
Male Zombie Bludgeoned with hammer George Yes
3 Zombies Shot in head with handgun Coach Keel Yes
Zombies Killed with axe and nail-studded bat Jimmy, Lindsey Yes
Gwen Wrist bitten, turned into zombie, eaten Principal, Steven Yes
Steven Tongue bitten off, turned into zombie, eaten Gwen Yes
Mitch Dragged out into car, killed (off-screen) hit in head several times with nail-studded bat Zombie, Lindsey Yes Turned into Zombie
Jensen Eaten alive Zombies Yes
Frank Hammond Frog jumped through mouth, turned into zombie, head cut in two with axe Jimmy Yes
Zombies Blown up in school with detonator Jimmy Yes

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