No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1. Charles Eliot "Bubba" Ritter Shot to death Otis Hazelrigg,Skeeter Norris,Philby,Harliss Hocker Yes Become Scarecrow
2. Harliss Hocker Falls into woodchipper Scarecrow

(Charles Eliot "Bubba" Ritter)

No Reverge For killing him
3. Mrs. Ritter Heart attack,blown up in explosion Otis Hazelrigg Yes Accident
4. Philby Buried alive in grain silo Scarecrow

(Charles Eliot "Bubba" Ritter)

Yes Reverge For killing him
5. Skeeter Norris Hit over the head with shovel,smashing skull Otis Hazelrigg Yes Otis thimk he's killer and Otis decides to protect himself
6. Otis Hazelrigg Impaled on the tines Scarecrow

(Charles Eliot "Bubba" Ritter)

Yes Reverge For killing him and his Mother

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