Don´t Open Till Christmas Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Santa Claus Knife in chest Giles Harrison Yes
Girl Knife in stomach Giles Harrison Yes
Mr. Brioski Spear thrown into neck Giles Harrison Yes
Market Santa Claus Blown up in barbecue explosion Giles Harrison Yes
Drunken Santa Claus Shot in mouth Giles Harrison Yes
Experience Santa Claus Knife in neck Giles Harrison Yes
Dungeon Secretary Unknown Giles Harrison No Debatable
Dungeon Santa Claus Knife in stomach Giles Harrison Yes
Circus Santa Claus Spiked glove in neck Giles Harrison Yes
Circus Santa Claus Broken bottle in eye Giles Harrison Yes
Theatre Santa Claus Machete in face Giles Harrison No
Store Santa Claus Groin cut off with straight razor Giles Harrison Yes
Kate Brioski Stabbed twice in the stomach with knife Giles Harrison Yes
Detective Sergeant Powell Electrocuted with jumper cables and car battery Giles Harrison Yes
Sherry Graham Strangled Giles Harrison No Debatable
Mrs. Harrison Knocked down a flight of stairs Gerald Harrison Yes Flashback
Chief Inspector Ian Harris Blown up in bomb explosion Giles Harrison Yes

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