The following is a list of deaths in the French horror film High Tension, released in 2003. To clear up possible confusion, the killer is Marie. The Man is the alter ego she uses when committing the murders.

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Girl Decapitated The Killer/Marie? No Dream
Alex's Father Face slashed with straight razor, decapitated with bookcase The Killer/Marie Yes
Alex's Mother Throat slashed/hands cut off with straight razor The Killer/Marie Yes
Tommy Shot with shotgun The Killer/Marie No
Jimmy Axed in chest The Killer/Marie Yes
The Man Head bludgeoned with rock, 18 times with fence post covered in razor-wire, suffocated with plastic sheet The Killer/Marie Yes Marie's alter ego
Motorist Disemboweled with concrete saw through windshield The Killer/Marie Yes

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