List Of Deaths From House Of Wax.

==House Of Wax (2005)==Movie

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Jennifer 1 Head bashed through car windshield Bo Sinclair in deleted scene Yes Additional scene
Wade leg cutting open in house of wax movie 2005 Turned into wax, lower half of face slashed off with knife by Vincent Vincent Sinclair Yes
Dalton Chapman 2 Pushed downstairs, decapitated with 2 dragon 🔪 Yes by Vincent
Blake Johnson 1 Throat slit with knife(offscreen)/forced in neck underfoot Yes
Paige Edwards 2 Ankle cut with knife through catwalk, pipe thrown through car windows/ her forehead Yes
Bo Sinclair 3 Hit 9 times in head with baseball bat Carly Jones Yes
Vincent Sinclair 4 Knifed in stomach, kicked/fell through wax floor, burned in hot melted wax in house of wax movie Carly Jones, Nick Jones Yes
Wade turn to wax in straps in chair by Vincent in movie

[[Category:Death wade by wax turn to wax in movie by Vincent.