Name Cause of Death Killer On-screen Notes
Mindy Bugs flung down throat Bugs No Turned into Zombie
Carl Bugs flung down throat, throat slit 3 times with crowbar, decapitated, burned with lighter, exploded Mindy, Warren, Jessie Yes Turned into Zombie
Robin Bugs flung down throat, burned in face with lighter, cut in half by moving vehicle Bugs, Jessie Yes Turned into Zombie
Warren Leg scratched/wounded, shovel in face Robin, Jessie Yes Turned into Zombie
Elliot Leg broken with vehicle door, bugs flung down throat, blown up in house Warren, Mindy, Jessie Yes Turned into Zombie
Ellen Stabbed in back with fireplace poker Warren, Jessie Yes Turned into Zombie
Bob Blown up in house Bugs/Jessie No Turned into Zombie
Eric Stabbed in stomach with fireplace poker, blown up in house Steven, Jessie No Turned into Zombie
Jessie Unknown Father Morning No

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