Jaws Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Chrissie "Christine" Watkins Dragged around and eaten Bruce (Shark) Yes While skinny dipping
Pippet (Dog) Eaten Bruce (Shark) No Not on-screen to save trauma on viewers
Alex "Alexander" Kintner Pulled from raft, and mutilated Bruce (Shark) Yes Followed by Pippet's disappearance
Ben "Benjamin" Gardner Killed Bruce (Shark) No Found dead
Estuary Victim Leg bitten off/Eaten alive Bruce (Shark) Partially
Quint Eaten alive Bruce (Shark) Yes
Bruce (Shark) Scuba tank placed in mouth, then shot with M1 Garand and blown up Martin Brody Yes

Jaws 2 Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
2 Unnamed Scuba Divers Eaten Brucette (Shark) Yes
Terry Devoured Brucette (Shark) Yes While water skiing
Diane Burned alive/Explosion Brucette (Shark) Yes She accidentally set off the explosion while trying to defend herself from being eaten
Orca (Killer Whale) Killed Brucette (Shark) No Found dead
Eddie "Edward" Marchand Brutally devoured Brucette (Shark) Yes Before his death, he was knocked overboard, and tried to escape, but he was too late, and his death horrified Tina
Harbor Patrol Pilot Drowned Brucette (Shark) Yes
Marge Devoured Brucette (Shark) Yes
Brucette (Shark) Bit into undersea power cable, and electrocuted Martin Brody Yes

Jaws 3-D Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Fish Bitten in half Brucetta (Shark) Yes
Shelby Overman Mutilated Brucetta (Shark) Yes
Randy Devoured Brucetta (Shark) No
Ed Eaten (off-screen) Brucetta (Shark) Yes
Philip FitzRoyce Swallowed alive/crushed Brucetta (Shark) Yes While attempting to use a grenade to kill it
Fred Eaten alive Brucetta (Shark) Yes
Brucetta (Shark) Pin of grenades pulled in mouth, and blown up Michael Brody Yes

Jaws: The Revenge Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Martin Brody Heart attack N/A No Mentioned
Sean Brody Arm bitten off, then pulled under surface and devoured Vengeance (Shark) Yes
Mrs. Ferguson Eaten alive Vengeance (Shark) Yes
Jake Devoured Vengeance (Shark) Yes Theatrical version only/Survived in DVD version
Vengeance (Shark) Impaled by boat and blown up Ellen Brody Yes Impaled by boat and bled to death (alternate ending only)