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Jurassic Park Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Jophery Eaten alive The Big One (Velociraptor) No Was dragged into the cage before his death
Cow Eaten alive The Big One (Velociraptor) Yes
Goat Eaten Rexy (Tyrannosaurus Rex) Yes
Donald Gennaro Eaten alive Rexy (Tyrannosaurus Rex) Yes Survived in the novel
Dennis Nedry Mauled Juvenile Dilophosaurus Yes Before his death, he is spit and blind by it's venom
Gallimimus Eaten Rexy (Tyrannosaurus Rex) Yes
Ray Arnold Dismembered Velociraptor No His arm was found by Ellie Sattler
Robert Muldoon Mauled The Big One (Velociraptor) Yes Survived in the novel
Velociraptor Subordinate #1 Locked in freezer, and froze to death (off-screen) Tim and Lex Yes
Velociraptor Subordinate #2 Eaten alive Rexy (Tyrannosaurus Rex) Yes
The Big One (Velociraptor) Thrown against T-Rex skeleton Rexy (Tyrannosaurus Rex) Yes

The Lost World: Jurassic Park Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Eddie Carr Torn in half Tyrannosaur Buck and Tyrannosaur Doe Yes Killed by Velociraptors in the novel
Dieter Stark Eaten alive Compys Yes Similar to John Hammond's death in the original novel
Carter Trampled several times Tyrannosaur Doe Yes
Robert Burke Eaten alive Tyrannosaur Doe Yes Before his death, he is startled by a snake that was slithering into his shirt
6 InGen Hunters Eaten Velociraptors Yes In the long grass
Ajay Sidhu Eaten Velociraptors No Mentioned that he didn't make it
Velociraptor Kicked out window, and impaled Kelly Malcolm Yes
D. Thompson Dismembered Tyrannosaur Buck No His severed arm was found by Peter Ludlow
Neighbor's Dog Eaten Tyrannosaur Buck No
Unlucky Bastard Eaten alive Tyrannosaur Buck Yes
Peter Ludlow Mauled Junior (Infant Tyrannosaurus Rex) No Similar to how Lewis Dodgson was killed in the novelJurassic Park III (2001)

Jurassic Park III Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Enrique Cardoso Eaten Spinosaurus or Pteranodons No Disappeared as the boat passed through a thick fog
Ben Hildebrand Killed Raptors or Compys No Later found dead
Cooper Devoured Spinosaurus Yes
N.B. Nash Stomped Spinosaurus Yes
Parasaurolophus Killed Tyrannosaurus Rex No Was shown carcass
Tyrannosaurus Rex Neck snapped Spinosaurus Yes
Udesky Neck snapped Male Raptor Yes
Pteranodon Crushed and drowned Dr. Alan Grant and the others No

Jurassic World Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Second Indominus Rex Cannibalised Indominus Rex No Mentioned that she was killed
Handler Ellis Eaten alive Indominus Rex Yes
Supervisor Nick Eaten alive Indominus Rex Yes
Hamada Stomped Indominus Rex Yes
Cooper Smashed against tree Indominus Rex Yes
Craig Thrown against tree branch, snapping spinal cord Indominus Rex Yes
Lee Crushed by tree Indominus Rex Yes
Spears Eaten alive Indominus Rex Yes
Miller Eaten alive Indominus Rex Yes
1 Ankylosaurus Neck snapped Indominus Rex Yes
6 Apatosaurus Killed Indominus Rex No Died of their injuries (on-screen)
2 ACU Troopers Killed Pternodons Yes
Simon Masrani Helicopter explosion Flock of Pteranodons Yes Provoked by Indominus Rex
Zara Young Swallowed whole Mosy (Mosasaurus) Yes
Pteranodon Eaten Mosy (Mosasaurus) Yes Along with Zara Young
Several InGen Soldiers Eaten alive Blue (Velociraptor), Charlie (Velociraptor), Echo (Velociraptor), Delta (Velociraptor) Yes
Charlie (Velociraptor) Shot by missile launcher InGen Soldier Yes
Vic Hoskins Mauled Delta (Velociraptor) Yes
Delta (Velociraptor) Knocked into burner Indominus Rex Yes
Echo (Velociraptor) Killed Indominus Rex Yes Debatable
Indominus Rex Eaten alive Mosy (Mosasaurus) No Knocked into her pen by Rexy and Blue before her death

Jurassic World II Edit

Coming Soon!

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