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My Bloody Valentine (1981) Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
4 Miners Unknown Methane Gas Explosion Yes Flashback
Mr.Palmer Pickaxed in chest, heart cut out Harry Warden Yes Flashback
Mine Supervisor Pickaxed in chest Harry Warden No Mentioned
Woman Impaled through back by pickaxe Axel Palmer Yes
Mabel Osbome Pickaxed in chest, burned in dryer Axel Palmer No
Happy Pickaxed in neck through eye, throat impaled on hook Axel Palmer Yes
Dave Face dunked in pot of boiling water/drowned/scalded Axel Palmer Yes
Sylvia Head impaled on pipe Axel Palmer Yes
Michael Stavinski, Harriet Impaled through back/stomach with drill Axel Palmer No
Hollis Shot in temple/forehead with nail gun Axel Palmer Yes
Howard Landers Neck snapped/beheaded by rope noose Axel Palmer Yes
Patty Pickaxed in stomach Axel Palmer Yes
Harry Warden Unknown, possibly suicide or natural causes N/A No Mentioned

My Bloody Valentine 3-D (2009) Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
5 Miners Heads bludgeoned with pickaxe Harry Warden No Mentioned
Jason Impaled in back of head through eye with pickaxe Harry Warden Yes
Michael Pickaxed in mouth through cheek Harry Warden Yes
Brandy Beheaded at jawline with shovel Harry Warden Yes
19 People Killed with pickaxe Harry Warden No
Harry Warden Shot repeatedly with handguns Police Officers Yes
Frank Pickaxed in head Tom J.Hanniger Yes
Selene Impaled to light fixture with pickaxe in throat through head/electrocuted Tom J.Hanniger Yes
Irene Donnely Pickaxed in stomach through bed Tom J.Hanniger Yes
William "Red" Kirkpatrick Impaled through arm/forehead pickaxed/chest 9 times Tom J.Hanniger Yes
Ben Foley Hit in back/impaled through eye by pickaxe Tom J.Hanniger Yes
Megan Pickaxed in chest/ripped open, heart torn out Tom J.Hanniger No Pregnant
Rosa Pickaxed in chest, burned in dryer Tom J.Hanniger No
James Burke Impaled in throat through mouth/mandible ripped off with pickaxe Tom J.Hanniger Yes
Rescue Worker Pickaxed in eye Tom J.Hanniger Yes

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