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List of deaths in Night of the Demon

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Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Mr.Thomas Arm ripped off/blood loss Bigfoot Yes Flashback
Father Mauled Bigfoot No Flashback
Mother Mauled Bigfoot No Flashback
Daughter Mauled Bigfoot No Flashback
Van Lover Mauled Bigfoot No Flashback
Hunter Thrown/impaled through back on tree branch Bigfoot Yes Flashback
Motorcyclist Groin ripped off/blood loss Bigfoot Yes Flashback
Woodsman Hit in shoulder/skull crushed with axe(off-screeen) Bigfoot Yes Flashback
Girl Scout, Sr. Knifed repeatedly Bigfoot Yes Flashback
Girl Scout, Jr. Knifed repeatedly Bigfoot Yes Flashback
Pete Face slammed into tree, head shot with shotgun Bigfoot Yes Flashback
McGinty Baby Unknown Reverend McGinty No Flashback, Mentioned
Reverend McGinty Set on fire Wanda McGinty Yes Flashback
Carla Thomas Strangled Bigfoot Yes Flashback
Gary Thrown on saw blade/stomach sliced open/innards ripped out Bigfoot Yes Flashback
Roy Head bashed through window, neck sliced with glass shard Bigfoot Yes Flashback
Linda Impaled through back with pitchfork Bigfoot Yes Flashback Bigfoot Mentioned Wanda Yes Flashback

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