No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1. Matt Novak Unknown, dies up to his neck in mud Molly Keller No
2. Brenda Unknown, body is nailed to a tree  Molly Keller No
3. Ellie Eckhart Unknown, murdered in bushes Molly Keller No
4. Alex Slit throat  Molly Keller No
5. Cheryl Ellis Sucked into propellers of boat offscreen Molly Keller No accident?
6. Marisa Tavares Stabbed repeatedly, thrown through window Molly Keller Yes
7. Mary-Anne Nordstrom Thrown through windscreen of car, falls of cliff, brought to cabin in the mountains where she is tortured and killed Detective Kelso? or

Molly Keller

8. Andrea Carter Stabbed with syringe. Intestines pulled out offscren Molly Keller Yes
9. Eddie Sackman Hand chopped off, crushed between tree and car Molly Keller Yes
10. Aaron Kroeker Cut to pieces in sawmill Molly Keller Yes
11. Chantal Etienne Decapitated in sawmill Molly Keller Yes
12. Jason 'Michael' Korda Axed in face  Molly Keller Yes

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