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These are all of the deaths in the Saw series. The victims are placed into traps, where they must do something (hurt themselves or another person) to survive. The object of the traps is to survive. The traps are constructed by either John "Jigsaw" Kramer, Amanda Young, or Detective Mak


Saw (2004)Edit

Name Cause of Death On-Screen Killer/Trap Notes
Paul Leahy Exsanguination: Cut repeatedly by razor wire Yes Razor Wire Maze Trap
Mark Rodriguez Immolation: Covered in flammable substance; burned alive by candle Yes Flammable Jelly Trap
Donnie Greco Exsanguination/Disembowelment: Stabbed in stomach eight times with a scalpel and disemboweled Yes Amanda Young Key for Reverse Bear Trap in stomach
Detective Steven Sing Decapitation: Head blown off by four shotguns Yes Quadruple Shotgun Hallway Trap Security trap
Detective David Tapp Exsanguination/Organ Damage: Shot in chest with handgun Yes Player choice, Zep Hindle Death appears in "Saw: The Game"
Zep Hindle Severe Head Trauma: Head bludgeoned seven times with toilet tank cover Yes Adam Stanheight

Saw II (2005)Edit

Name Cause of Death On-Screen Killer/Trap Notes
Michael Marks Exsanguination: Mask closed on head/stabbed by multiple nails Yes Venus fly trap mask
Gus Colyard Shot in eye through peephole by .357 Magnum Yes Magnum Eyehole Trap
Obi Tate Immolation: Burned alive in furnace Yes Furnace Trap
Laura Hunter Poisoning: Succumbs to nerve gas Yes Nerve Gas House Trap
Jonas Singer Severe Head Trauma: Hit in back of head with nail-studded bat Yes Xavier Chavez
Addison Corday Exsanguination: Wrists cut by eight razor blades/blood loss Yes Razor Box Trap
Xavier Chavez Exsanguination: Throat slit with hacksaw Yes Daniel Matthews Killed in self-defense

Saw III (2006)Edit

Name Cause of Death On-Screen Killer/Trap Notes
Troy Explosion: Killed in explosion caused by nail bomb Yes  Classroom Trap Inescapable trap
Detective Allison Kerry Ribcage torn out Yes Angel Trap Inescapable trap
Dianca Scott Frozen to death Yes Freezer Room Trap
Judge Halden Shot in the head Yes Accident
Timothy Young Legs, arms, and head twisted 180 Degrees Yes Rack


Adam Faulkner Suffocation (killed with a plastic bag) Yes Amanda Young Flashback; mercy killing
Amanda Young Shot in the neck Yes Jeff Denlon Revenge for shooting Lynn Denlon
John "Jigsaw" Kramer Exsanguination: Throat slit with power saw Yes Jeff Denlon Revenge
Dr. Lynn Denlon Head shot by 15 shotguns Yes Shotgun Collar Trap Accident
Dylan Denlon Run over by car No Timothy Young Death happened before the film; son of Jeff and Lynn Denlon; brother of Corbett Denlon

Saw IV (2007)Edit

name Cause of Death On-Screen Traps/Killer Notes
Trevor Severe Head Trauma: Head hit six times with hammer Yes Art Blank, Mausoleum Trap Self-defense
Brenda Exsanguination: Scalped torn/pulled, thrown through mirror Yes Hair Trap; Officer Daniel Rigg Self-defense
Ivan Landsness Dismemberment: Dismembered by chains Yes Bedroom Trap
Rex Exsanguination/Impalement: Impaled through major arteries by rods that are later removed Yes Spike Trap; Morgan
Gideon Kramer Miscarriage: Jill Tuck was hit in stomach by door Yes Cecil Adams Accident
Cecil Adams Exsanguination: Face sliced by 8 kitchen knives, fells into pile of razor wire Yes Knife Chair Trap; John Kramer
Jeff Denlon Shot twice with handgun Yes Agent Peter Strahm Self-defense
Eric Matthews Decapitation: Head crushed by two ice blocks Yes Ice Block Trap
Art Blank Cervical Trauma: Spinal cord severed, shot twice Yes Officer Daniel Rigg; Spinal Cutter Trap
Officer Daniel Rigg Exsanguination: shot (off-screen), blood loss Yes Eric Matthews

Saw V (2008)Edit

Name Cause of Death On-Screen Killer/Trap Notes
Angelina Hoffman Exsanguination: Throat slit No Seth Baxter Mark Hoffman's sister; happened the before film
Seth Baxter Halfectomy/Disembowelment: Cut in half by swinging pendulum blade Yes The Pendulum Trap, Det.Mark Hoffman Inescapable trap, revenge
Ashley Decapitation: Pulled back/decapitated by razor blade collar Yes The Collars
Charles Explosion: Killed in explosion from nail bombs after being hit in the back by Luba Yes The Ceiling Jars, Luba Gibbs
Luba Gibbs Electrocution: Stabbed in neck with electric cable; electrocuted in bathtub Yes The Bathtub Trap, Brit
Agent Peter Strahm Crushing: Crushed by closing walls Yes The Glass Coffin

Saw VI (2009)Edit

Name Cause of Death On-Screen Killer/Trap Notes
Harold Abbott Heart disease No William Easton Happened before the film
Eddie Severe Head Trauma: Drills puncture temples Yes Pound of Flesh Trap
Hank Crushing: Ribcage crushed by vise Yes Oxygen Crusher Trap
Allen Exsanguination/Suffocation: Throat cut/hung by barbed-wire noose Yes Hanging Room Trap
Debbie Impalement: Forehead impaled by pipe Yes Steam Maze Trap
Aaron Shot by shotgun Yes Carousel Room Trap
Gena Yes
Dave Yes
Josh Yes
Agent Dan Erickson Exsanguination: Throat slit with knife Yes Detective Mark Hoffman
Technician Shot three times in back with handgun Yes Agent Lindsey Perez Accident
Agent Lindsey Perez Exsanguination: Stabbed five times in stomach Yes Detective Mark Hoffman
William Easton Melting: Injected with hydrofluoric acid, insides melted Yes Cage Trap; Brent Abbott

Saw 3D (2010)Edit

Name Cause of Death On-Screen Killer/Trap Notes
Dina Halfectomy/Disembowelment: Sliced in half by center saw wheel Yes Public Execution Trap; Brad and Ryan Revenge for realizing her betrayal
Kara Crushing: Head crushed by tire Yes Garage Trap
Dan Dismemberment: Arms and jaw are torn off by moving car Yes
Jake Run over by car Yes
Evan Back ripped off, flung through windshield, lands into another car Yes
Alex Shredded by multiple lawnmower blades No Sidney; Blender Trap
Nina Exsanguination/Impalement: Fishing hook ripped out through mouth; throat cut and neck is impaled by four rods Yes Impalement Seat Trap
Suzanne Impalement: Eyes/mouth impaled by three rods Yes Impalement Wheel Trap
Cale Hanging: Pulled up/hung by noose Yes The Deafening Mask
Homeless Man Shot three times in back with handgun Yes Mark Hoffman Flashback
Matt Gibson Shot repeatedly by machine gun Yes Machine Gun Turret Trap
Two Police Officers Yes
Dr. Heffner Exsanguination: Stabbed in the throat Yes Mark Hoffman
Police Officer Yes
Five SWAT Officers Poisoning: Poisoned by hydrogen cyanide gas Yes Cyanide Box Trap
Male Lawyer Exsanguination: Stabbed in the throat Yes Mark Hoffman
Palmer Cervical Trauma: Neck snapped Yes
Police Officer Exsanguination: Stabbed in the throat Yes
Rogers Shot in eye through interrogation window with handgun Yes
Joyce Dagen Roasting: Roasted alive in brazen bull Yes Brazen Bull Trap
Jill Tuck Mouth ripped open Yes Reverse Bear Trap; Mark Hoffman Revenge
Mark Hoffman Dehydration/Starvation: Left chained to pipe in bathroom No Lawrence Gordon

Jigsaw (2017)Edit

Name Cause of Death On-Screen Killer/Trap Notes
Christine Nelson Murdered No Edgar Munsen Happened before the film
Malcolm Neil Decapitation: Head partially sliced by saw blade No Saw Blade Trap
Unnamed Woman Asthma attack Yes Carly Happened before the film
Carly Melting: Injected with hydrochloric acid Yes Ryan
Unnamed Woman Melting: Injected with hydrochloric acid No Herself or Unnamed Man
Edgar Munsen Exsanguination: Throat cut No Logan Nelson
Jigsaw's Nephew Motorcycle Accident Yes Mitch Happened before the film
Mitch Exsanguination: Mutilated by coils Yes Motorcycle Trap
Unnamed Man Exsanguination: Mutilated by coils No Motorcycle Trap
Two of Ryan's Friends Car crash Yes Ryan Happened before the film
Anna and Matthew's Baby Suffoction: Smothered with pillow No Anna Happened before the film
Matthew Hanging: Hung himself out of guilt Yes Himself Happened before the film
Anna Shot by a shotgun Yes Herself
Ryan Exsanguination/Starvation: Left chained inside of the barn Yes Anna
Det. Halloran Head sliced into eight pieces by lasers Yes Laser Collar Trap

Saw Films (Main Characters)Edit

Name Cause of Death On-Screen Killer/Trap Notes
Kramer/ John Kramer Throat slit by power saw; bled to death Yes Jeff Denlon
Amanda Young Exsanguination: Shot in neck; bled to death Yes Jeff Denlon
Jill Tuck Mouth Ripped Open by Reverse Bear Trap Yes Reverse Beartrap; Mark Hoffman
Mark Hoffman Dehydration/Starvation: Left in bathroom to rot No Bathroom Trap; Lawrence Gordon