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Scary Movie-2000

Scary Movie 2 -2001

Scary Movie 3-2003

Scary Movie 4-2006

Scary Movie 5-2013

Scary Movie 6-2015

Scary Movie-2000Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
David Keegan Ran over by car, hit on head with beer bottle/car trunk Greg Phillpe, Shorty Meeks Yes Accident
Drew Decker Lifted by car, knifed twice in chest Doofus Gilmore Yes
Unknown teen Shot in chest with handgun Gail Hailstorm Yes
Greg Phillipes Knifed in chest/throat slit with hunting knife Doofus Gilmore Yes
Grandma Knocked down stairs/crushed by piano Cindy Campbell Yes Accident
Buffy Gilmore Knifed in chest/decapitated with cleaver Doofus Gilmore Yes
Teacher Jumped off high school roof Himself Yes Suicide
Heather's boyfriend Unknown Doofus Gilmore No Mentioned
Heather Knifed in chest/chest slashed with hunting knife Doofus Gilmore Yes
Kenny Knifed Doofus Gilmore No
Brenda Meeks Knifed in stomach twice/back 6 times/chest slashed, stomach/back hit twice with stick, throat slit with hunting kinife Cinema crowd Yes
Tina Crushed by automatic garage door Doofus Gilmore Yes
Dookie Knifed Doofus Gilmore No
5 Stoners Knifed Doofus Gilmore No
Lauren Knifed Doofus Gilmore Partly Deleted scene
Shorty Meeks Shot in chest with handgun Bobby Prinze Yes
Bobby Prinze Knifed 15 times in chest Ray Wilkins Yes
Ray Wilkins Impaled though back with hunting knife Doofus Gilmore Yes

Scary Movie 2-2001Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Megan Voorhees Shot in head with handgun Father McFeely No
Man and Woman Ran over by truck Truck driver Yes Accident
Clown Raped Ray Wilkins Yes
Killer Weed Plant Unknown Ghost of Hugh Kane No
Professor Oldman Knifed Ghost of Caroline No
Alex Monday Crushed by chandelier Ghost of Hugh Kane Yes
Ghost of Hugh Kane Killed by machine Sidney Yes
Hanson Ran over by car Shorty Meeks Yes Accident

Scary Movie 3-2003Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Tabitha Smothered with bag, pushed down well/drowned Her mother No Prior to movie
Annie Split in half by truck Simon No Accident
Kate Killed by cursed video tape Ghost of Tabitha No
Becca Killed by cursed videotape Ghost of Tabitha Yes
Josh Killed by cursed videotape Ghost of Tabitha No
Simon Cowell Shot Gangsters No
Brenda Meeks Unknown Ghost of Tabitha No Found dead
Sue's Dog Ran over by truck George Logan No
Simon Killed by crash Himself No
Jamal Killed by cursed videotape Ghost of Tabitha No Mentioned
Michael Jackson Fell from two-story window Tom Logan Yes
2 Aliens Ran over by jeep President Harris No
U-God Shot n/a No
Method Man Shot n/a No
Raekwon Shot n/a No
Master P Shot n/a No
Macy Gray Shot n/a No
Reedman Shot n/a No
Rza Shot n/a No
3 Gangsters Shot n/a No
Alien Decapitated Mahalik No
Ghost of Tabitha Slammed into well by door President Harris Yes Accident
Cody Ran over by truck Truck driver, Michael Jackson (deleted scene) Yes Accident

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