See No EvilEdit

Name Cause Of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Cop Axed in face
Frank Williams Hooked in mouth, torn apart Jacob Goodnight Yes
Hanna Head crushed while elevator closing several times/eye gouged out
Richie Bernson Hooked in back/leg, Tied up, eye gouged out Jacob Goodnight Yes
Russell Wolf Killed (off-screen), eye gouged out Jacob Goodnight Yes
Melissa Beudroux Hung upside down from window, fell off, arm broken, devoured Jacob Goodnight, Stray of Dogs Yes
Zoe Warner Cell phone shoved down throat Jacob Goodnight Yes
Tye Simms Electrocuted with taser, pushed against wall with vault Jacob Goodnight Yes
Margaret Gayne Impaled through back with knife, electricuted with fusebox, knifed Jacob Goodnight Yes
Jacob Goodnight Head bludgeoned with hammer, hammer claw in eye, fell off window, lands on dumpster Christine Zarate Yes

See No Evil 2Edit


Holden-(Off screen)

Tamara-Throat slit with machete


Will-Cut in half with a chainsaw

Amy-Stabbed in the stomach

Seth-Eye gouged out

See No Evil 3Edit

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