Name Cause of death Killer Notes
Jess Winslow Pulled underwater, eaten(off-screen) Unknown Shark
Maya Valdez Knocked off boat into water/eaten Hammerhead Shark
Gordon Gutherien Shot in stomach by Dennis/yanked off tree branch/eaten Mako Shark
Beth Bitten all over body/face/eaten Dennis, Red, Baby Cookiecutter Shark Forced into water, later buried to her funeral by her family after death
Malik Williams Arm bitten off(off-screen), drowned, eaten Unknown Shark, Mako Shark Sacrificed, jumped off jet ski
Blake Hammond Head bitten off/plucked off jet ski into water/eaten Great White Shark
Sheriff Sabin Burned, fell into shark tank/eaten Nick, Tiger Shark Bad guy
Red Alljuy Knife thrown into chest, drowned in water Dennis Betrayed
Dennis Crim Ripped apart/eaten Sara, Great White Shark Handcuffed to underwater cage