Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Girl Shot in forehead with handgun Cop Yes Accident
Lolli Disemboweled/jaw ripped out Ghoul girls Yes
Kim Fingers cut off with scissors, legs smashed with mighty hammer, head crushed with mighty hammer The Beast Yes
Vincent  Head torn in half The Beast Yes
Brandy Head crushed with mighty hammer The Beast Yes
Miko Glass shoved in groin/crushed with mighty hammer The Beast Yes 
Wade  Killed The Beast Yes
Enyx Knifed in throat with scissors/decapitated with scissors The Beast Yes
Scottyboy Impaled with spike The Beast Yes
Raver #1 Glowstick in eye The Beast Yes
Raver #2 Hooked in mouth The Beast Yes
Raver #3 Torn in half while breakdancing The Beast Yes
Raver #4 Crushed with mighty hammer The Beast Yes

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