List of deaths in The Clown at Midnight 1999 Edit

No. Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen  Notes
1. Lorraine Sedgewick Stabbed repeatedly in the chest Mr. Caruthers Yes
2. Ms. Ellen Gibby Head crashed with an axe Mr. Caruthers Yes
3. Ashley Strangled with a necklace Mr. Caruthers Yes
4. Monica Stabbed through a foam prop wall in the back and out the chest with a spear Mr. Caruthers Yes
5. Marty Timmerman Electrocuted with severed live-wire Mr. Caruthers Yes
6. Taylor Marshall Falls off roof of the theater Mr. Caruthers Yes
7. Cheryl 'Walnut' Webber Decapitated with axe. Her head bounces down the stairs Mr. Caruthers Yes
8. Lorenzo Orsini Pushed off catwalk Mr. Caruthers Yes
9. Mr. Caruthers Dropped through trap door onto spears George Reese,Kate Williams Yes

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