The path is a 80s horror slasher series about a group of friends, different in each film, that go down a path and are terrorized by a serial killer.

The path (1984)

The film begins with a young teen jogging down a path. She does not know she is being followed. The killer grabs her by the mouth and slits her throat. He(or she) drops the body on the ground and walks away. We then see a group of friends walking down the same path. The first one to die is Toby. He is stabbed in the face and he head he cut off for a mask. The next one to die is Jennifer. She is shot in the chest. Next is Sean. His head is cut off. Then it's Johnny. He is thrown off a nearby cliff. The final death was the killer himself. His neck was twisted and he was shot in the head. The survivors are Emma and Ethan.

The path: chapter 2 (1986)

Part 2 focused on a copycat killer. The film begins like the first. A teen is walking down a path and her throat is slit. The first one to die is Ashley. She is gutted and her head is used as a mask. The next one to die is Chloe. She is stabbed repeatedly in stomach and steps on a mine field. Up next is Ethan from the first film. He is stabbed in stomach. Then there is Alexandra. She is split in have by chainsaw. The final death is The Copycat Killer. He is shot in head.

The Path Remake

A remake was made official in 2012. Nothing has been heard of sense, but the script writer claims that the project is alive.

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