Pet Sematary (1989)Edit

Name of Victim Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Victor Pascow Ran over/head flayed by truck Truck Driver No Accident
Church the Cat Ran over by truck Truck Driver No Accident, found dead
Rat Eaten alive Undead Church the Cat No
Missy Dandridge Hanged from ceiling by rope Herself Yes Suicide
Zelda Spinal meningitis/choked Sickens Yes Flashback
Gage Creed Ran over by truck Truck Driver Yes Accident, ressurected
Timmy Baterman Killed in World War 2 Unknown No Flashback
Bill Baterman, Dead Timmy Baterman Burned alive in house Jud Crandall, his 3 friends Yes
Jud Crandall Heel cut/mouth sliced open with scalpel, throat torn out Undead Gage Creed Yes
Rachel Creed Scalpel in eye, hung from attic Undead Gage Creed No Resurrected
Undead Church the Cat Morphine shot, burned in house Louis Creed Yes
Undeead Gage Creed Morphine shot in neck Louis Creed Yes
Louis Creed Knifed in back Undead Rachel Creed No Screen blacks out as Louis scream

Pet Sematary II (1992)Edit

Name of Victim Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Dead Rachel Creed Unknown Possibly Ellie Creed No
Renee Matthews Power box dropped/electrocuted through fence Unknown Yes Accident
Zowie the Dog Shot with rifle/blood loss Sheriff Gus Gilbert Yes
3 Cats Eaten alive Dead Zowie the Dog No Found dead
Sheriff Gus Gilbert Neck torn off Dead Zowie the Dog Yes
All except 1 Rabbit Necks snapped, skinned/cut open with knife Dead Sheriff Gus Gilbert No
Rabbit Neck snapped, skinned/cut open with knife Dead Sheriff Gus Gilbert Yes
Clyde Parker Head flayed by motor tire Dead Sheriff Gus Gilbert Yes
Drew Gilbert, Amanda Gilbert Car rammed by police car/collide into truck Dead Sheriff Gus Gilbert, Truck Driver Yes Accident
Dead Sheriff Gus Gilbert Shot in chest/throat through head with pistol Chase Matthews Yes
Dead Zowie the Dog Shot through torso/3 more times with pistol(off screen) Chase Matthews Yes
Marjorie Hargrove Skin around eye flayed with knife Dead Renee Matthews No
Dead Clyde Parker Electrical cable through mouth/electrocuted/head exploded Jeff Matthews Yes
Dead Renee Matthews Burned alive in house Herself Yes

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