Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
2 unnamed soldiers Blown up in helicopter crash Friendly Fire No
Sergeant Neck snapped like a twig, shot through the chest 6 times with handgun Sam Harper Yes
Major Shot twice with handgun Sam Harper Yes
Willie Garden shears in eyes Sam Harper No
Rick Face sprayed with red/white/blue spray cans, leg broken, buried alive Sam Harper Yes
Clete Lifted/throat cut/hung from flagpole Sam Harper Yes
Donald Crandall Hatchet in forehead Sam Harper No
Jesse Colbert Beheaded with meat cleaver Sam Harper Yes
Ralph Shot in temple with rifle Sam Harper No
Barbecue Girl Face slammed into hot grill Sam Harper No
Congressman Alvin Cummings Blown up by fireworks Sam Harper Yes
Deputy Phillip Burke Impaled through back with flagpole Sam Harper Yes
Sgt.Twining Throat ripped out Sam Harper No
Master Sgt.Sam Harper Shot twice in chest with cannonballs/burned/blown through window, house exploded Jed Crowley Yes

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