List of deaths in Valentine Edit

No. Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
1. Shelley Fisher Throat slit with kitchen knife Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton Yes
2. Lily Voight Shot 3 times through stomach with arrows, fell over 5th floor stairway/lands in dumpster Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton Yes
3. Gary Taylor Head bludgeoned/pressed against face/head bludgeoned twice more with hot iron Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton Yes
4. Campbell Morris Axed in back Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton Yes
5. Milly Impaled in stomach with kitchen knife Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton No
6. Ruthie Walker Thrown through shower glass door, impaled through throat by broken glass shard Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton Yes
7. Paige Prescott Arm impaled with electric drill through lid, electric drill thrown into hot tub/electrocuted Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton Yes
8. Detective Leon Vaughn Decapitated Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton No Head found in pool
9. Dorothy Wheeler Thrown down stairs, chest shot 7 times with handgun Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton Yes Framed

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