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The following is a list of deaths that take place during the Child's Play series. Most of them are victims killed by Chucky

Child's Play (1988) Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Notes
Vivian Van Pelt Strangulation Charles Lee Ray No Few years prior to movie, mentioned in Bride of Chucky
Daniel Drowning Charles Lee Ray No Prior to movie, mentioned in Curse of Chucky
Charles Lee Ray Shot in chest with revolver Mike Norris Yes Transferred soul into good guy doll at time of death
Maggie Peterson Head Trauma/Falling: Hit in forehead with hammer, fell out of 6th floor window/lands on van Chucky Yes
Eddie Caputo Explosion: Gas pipe turned on/shot with revolver/house exploded Chucky Yes
John Exsanguination: Voodoo doll, leg/arm broken, chest knifed Chucky Yes
Dr.Ardmore Electrocution: Scalpel in leg, device placed on head/electrocuted Chucky Yes
Chucky Immolation/Dismemberment/Shooting: Burned in fireplace, leg/arm/head blown off, shot in heart Karen Barclay, Mike Norris Yes Resurrected in Child's Play 2

Child's Play 2 (1990) Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Notes
Technician Electrocution; Electrocuted by machine that puts eyes into dolls/blown through window Chucky Yes
Edward Younblood Suffocation: Suffocated with plastic wrap Chucky Yes
Tommy Head Trauma: Knocked onto floor, beaten 3 times/head bludgeoned with glass figurine, buried Chucky Yes
Mrs. Kettlewell Bludgeoning: Air pump in chest/blown away, beaten 4 times with yardstick Chucky Yes
Phil Simpson Falling/Cervical Trauma: Knocked over edge of staircase with coal holder/neck snapped Chucky Yes
Joanne Simpson Exsanguination: Throat slit Chucky No
Grace Poole Exsanguination: Knifed 3 times in chest Chucky Yes
Technician Organ Damage/Exsanguination: Cheek sliced with knife, eyes crushed by machine that puts eyes into dolls Chucky Yes
Chucky Dismemberment/Immolation/ExplosionHand ripped off, legs cut off (off-screen), burned by metal plastic, head inflated/exploded Andy Barclay, Kyle Yes Resurrected in Child's Play 3

Child's Play 3 (1991) Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Notes
Mr.Sullivan Strangulation: After being hit in head with golf club and had darts thrown into back/hand, he was strangled with yo-yo Chucky Yes
Garbage Man Crushing: Crushed in garbage truck Chucky Yes
Colonel Cochrane Heart attack Chucky Yes Occurred when Chucky tried to kill him
Sgt.Botnick Exsanguination: Throat slit with straight razor Chucky Yes
Lt.Col.Shelton Shot in chest Major Rawlings Yes Chucky switched paintball ammo with live rounds
Whitehurst Explosion: Jumped on grenade/blown up Chucky Yes Sacrificed himself to save everyone
Security guard Shot in head Chucky No
Chucky Dismemberment: Half of face sliced off with scythe, hands dismembered with gun/knife, fell into fan/sliced apart Andy Barclay Yes Resurrected in Bride of Chucky

Bride of Chucky (1998) Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Robert Bailey Exsanguination: Throat slit with nail file in police car Tiffany Yes
Damien Baylock AKA Howard Fitzwater Suffocation: After having his lip piercing pulled out, he was smothered with a pillow Chucky Yes Revenge for staring at Tiffany and making a jibe about Chucky's size
Tiffany Electrocution: TV thrown into bathtub/electrocuted Chucky Yes Soul was transferred into doll to make Tiffany.
Officer Norton Explosion: Fuel tank set on fire/police car exploded Chucky Yes
Chief Warren Kincaid Nails thrown into face area/eye/ears, back knifed 6 times Tiffany, Chucky Yes
Russ, Diane Champagne bottle thrown at mirror ceiling/impaled by falling shards Tiffany Yes
David Hit by truck Truck driver Yes Accident
Man Shot in chest/head Chucky or Tiffany No Killed to get R.V
Woman Shot in chest/head Chucky or Tiffany No Killed to get R.V
Gravedigger Shot in back of head with handgun Chucky Yes
Tiffany Burned in RV oven, head hit twice with shovel, impaled through chest with knife Chucky Yes Survived long enough giving birth. Resurrected in Seed of Chucky.
Chucky Knifed in back, hit with shovel, shot 6 times in chest Jade, Tiffany Yes Resurrected in Seed of Chucky
Detective Attacked by baby (debatable) Glen or Glenda No

Seed of Chucky (2004) Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Notes
Lifeguard Buried in sand Chucky No Shown in slideshow
Cab driver Ran over by taxi Chucky No Shown in slideshow
Man Ran over by bus Chucky No Slideshow
Man Hung from tower by rope Chucky No Slideshow
Man Arms cut off/fell off cliff Chucky No Slideshow
Man Either hack apart, or arms and legs hanging out of twine ball Chucky No Slideshow
Dad Knifed in chest, fell off 2nd floor balcony Glen Yes Dream
Mom Knifed, tripped over bathtub/head bashed on floor Glen Yes Dream
Tony Gardner Decapitated with piano wire Chucky, Tiffany Yes
Britney Spears Car rammed by truck, crashed into telephone pole/exploded Chucky, Glen Yes Glen was at the pedals, had no idea that he had killed her, so accident
Pete Peters Backed into shelf, jar of sulphuric acid fell/half of face burned off   Glen Yes Accident
Redman Gutted with knife Tiffany Yes
Martha Stewart Executed The Courts No
Joan Set on fire with hairspray/candle, fell over 2nd floor balcony Glenda Yes
Unknown man Macheted in head Chucky No Killed sometime during daytime with Glen
Unknown man Smothered with bag Chucky No Killed during daytime with Glen
Unknown man Impaled through back with carving fork Chucky No Killed during daytime with Glen
Stan Kitchen knife thrown into chest Chucky Yes
Tiffany Hit in forehead with axe Chucky Yes Revenge for leaving him
Jennifer Tilly Soul transferred into body by ritual Tiffany Yes
Chucky Axed in chest/dismembered/decapitated in axe Glen Yes He survived it
Baby boy Glen's soul transferred into body by ritual Tiffany No
Baby girl Glenda's soul transferred into body by ritual Tiffany No
Fulvia Beaten 4 times with doll Tiffany Yes Revenge for insulting Glenda
Glen Strangled by Chucky's right arm (debatable) Chucky No Fate unknown

Curse of Chucky (2013) Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Sarah Scissors in chest/stomach Chucky No Suicide
2 Men Car crash Father Frank No Accident
Father Frank Eats rat poison in the food, crashed in car, decapited by carriage ceiling Chucky Yes
Jill Electrocuted, overloaded eye Chucky Yes
Barb Knifed in eye/left eye gouged out Chucky Yes
Ian Jaw cut off with axe Chucky Yes
Officer Thoat slit with knife Tiffany Yes
Alice´s Grandma Suffocated with plastic bag Chucky No Survives/Fate unknown
Alice (debatable) Chucky Transfer his soul to her body Chucky No debatable

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