The Evil Dead (Original Series)Edit

The Evil Dead Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Cheryl Possession Demon No
Shelly Possession Demon Yes
Demon Shelly Dismembered by Scotty with an axe Scotty Yes
Linda Possession Demon Yes
Demon Linda Decapitated by ash with a shovel was later resurrected by the evil Ash Yes
Scotty Received injuries from the evil trees and died because of the injuries Evil Tree Yes
Demon Scotty Disintegrated when ash threw the necronomicon into a fire Ash Yes
Demon Cheryl Disintegrated when ash threw the necronomicon into a fire Ash Yes

Evil Dead II (Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn) Edit

Army of Darkness (Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness)Edit

Evil Dead (Remake/Reboot)Edit

Evil DeadEdit

  • Olivia - Possessed/Smashed in the head hardly by Eric
  • Natalie - Possessed/Shot many times by Needle gun/
  • Eric - Shot many times by the needle gun/Hit by the crowbar/Stabbed by the knife/Died in explotion
  • David - Stabbed in the neck with the squizer by Possessed Eric/Died in explotion
  • Mia - Possessed/Buried alive (ressurected by David)
  • The Abomination - Sawed in half by Mia

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