Go to Sleep (2017)Edit

Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Notes
Ben Victor Stabbed to death/Gutted Jeff the Killer No Blood used to write Go to Sleep on wall
Keith´s Mother Knocked out by Hammer/Bound and Gaged/Knifed in knee/Knife twisted/Stabbed repeatedly in stomach/Disemboweled Jeff the Killer Yes
Dante Legs broken by Sledgehammer/Smile carved on face/Legs flayed/Burned alive Jeff the Killer Yes
Dacia Pinned to the wall by knives through arms/knees/Throat slit Jeff the Killer Yes
Keith 4 fingers cut off/Torso sliced open/Gutted/Organs removed/Eyeballs gouged out/Smile carved onto face Jeff the Killer Yes
Officer Brown Decapitated Jeff the Killer Yes
Unnamed Officer Knifed through stomach/Impaled through stomach by arm Jeff the Killer Yes
Prisoners guard Killed Jeff the Killer No
Sherrif Incinerated in car explosion Jeff the Killer Yes Jeff shot the cars gas tank with gun causing it to explode