The following is a list of all the deaths that occur during the Puppet Master film series.

Puppet Master (1989) Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
Andre Toulon Shot through mouth Himself Suicide prompted by approaching Nazi spies, later resurrected
Theresa Hit over head with fire-poker Pinhead Resurrected offscreen, whereabouts unknown
Carissa Stamford Drilled in mouth Tunneler Corpse set up at dinner table
Frank Forrester Blood drained by leeches Leech Woman Corpse set up at dinner table
Dana Hadley Leg broken, throat slit with knife Pinhead, Blade Corpse set up at dinner table
Neil Gallagher Leg drilled, 3 fingers severed/hand knifed, neck drilled, leech put in mouth, neck cracked Blade, Tunneler, Leech Woman, Pinhead Betrayed by puppets, soul maybeen transferred to Torch puppet

Puppet Master II (1991) Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
Megan Gallagher Brain fluids extracted from nose Blade Offscreen
Camille Kenney Knocked down, dragged away, killed(off-screen) Pinhead, Jester Later soul transferred to puppet body
Patrick Bramwell Drilled in forehead Tunneler May have had soul transferred to Torch
Tunneler Bashed 4 times with lamp Lance Returned in part 3
Matthew Throat torn out Leech Woman
Leech Woman Hit with frying pan, stepped on, burned alive in fireplace Martha Only puppet to "die" for good
Martha Leg sliced with knife, burned alive with flamethrower, eye knifed Blade, Torch
Billy Burned alive with flamethrower Torch Offscreen
Lance Throat slashed repeatedly with knife Blade
Wanda Face slashed repeatedly with knife Blade
Andre Toulon Leg cut with hoook, arm crushed with walking stick, burned alive with flamethrower, fell out of window Blade, Pinhead, Torch Transferred to puppet body before death, good parts of soul later transfers to Decapitron

Puppet Master III (1991) Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
Zombie Nazi Shot 7 times with mauser m712 Major Krauss Failed reanimation experiment, came back to life, went crazy
Elsa Toulon Shot in back with shotgun, chest shot with mauser m712 Nazi soldier, Major Krauss Soul transferred to Leech Woman
Nazi soldier Strangled Pinhead
Nazi driver Drilled through driver's seat/back Tunneler
Lt.Eric Stein Hit in leg/head with wrench, face covered in leeches Pinhead, Leech Woman
Nazi Zombie 2 Collapsed after trying to shoot in the head with an empty gun Nazi zombie 2 Failed reanimation experiment, reverted to pre-death thoughts
General Muller Shot 9 times, fell out of window Six-Shooter
Nazi soldier Brick thrown at head, legs drilled, face covered/dropped in mouth by leeches Pinhead, Tunneler, Leech Woman
Mr.Hertz Shot with mauser m712 Major Krauss
Nazi soldier Shot 6 times Six-Shooter Kills Dr. Hess before death
Dr.Hess Knifed in stomach Nazi soldier Soul transferred to Blade
Major Krauss Leg/hand slashed, head hit with ash tray, leg/ankle/hand/back of neck hooked/suspended in air/dropped on halberd Blade, Pinhead, Andre Toulon Clothes & identity stolen by Toulon post-mortem

Puppet Master 4 (1993) Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
Dr.Leslie Piper Clawed in hand/face Totem Energy absorbed
Dr.Carl Baker Clawed in face Totem Energy absorbed
Cameron Clawed in leg/chest/face Totem
Totem Hit with frying pan, abdomen drilled Pinhead, Tunneler Connected demon died with him
Totem Wrapped with metal lasso/electrocuted Six-Shooter Connected demon died with him
Totem Douse with acid, hit with electric beam/exploded Suzie, Decapitron Connected demon died with him

Puppet Master 5 (1994) Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
Jason Mauled Sutekh Energy absorbed
Tom Hendy Mauled Sutekh Energy abosorbed
Scott Mauled Sutekh Energy absorbed
Dr.Lawrence Jennings Set on fire, fell down elevator shaft Torch
Sutekh Blown up by exploding portal, head crushed Decapitron, Six shooter, Rick Myers

Curse of The Puppet Master (1998) Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
Joey Carp Face slashed with knife, crotch drilled Blade, Tunneler
Deputy Wayburn Choked with lasso, head drilled Six-Shooter, Pinhead, Tunneler
Sheriff Garvey Hooked in leg, face slashed repeatedly with 2 knives Blade, Jester
Dr.Magrew Legs/hand slashed/face slashed repeatedly with knife, drilled through leg, hit with metal cane, electrocuted Blade, Tunneler, Pinhead, Tank Puppet

​Retro Puppet Master (1999)Edit

​Name ​Cause of Death ​Killer ​Notes
Sutekh Follower Zapped with magic Afzel
Sutekh Follower Zapped with magic Afzel
Thug Zapped with magic Afzel Off-screen
Thug Zapped with magic Afzel Off-screen
Beggar Frozen to death N/A
Vigo Zapped with magic Mummies
Latour Zapped with magic Mummies
Valentin Zapped with magic Mummies
Duval Zapped with magic Mummies
1st Mummy Crushed by a chandelier Retro-Six-Shooter
Swiss Embassy Reception Worker Zapped with magic Mummies
Elsa's Father Zapped with magic Mummies Off-screen
Elsa's Mother Zapped with magic Mummies Off-screen
Swiss Embassy Worker Zapped with magic Mummies
2nd Mummy Stabbed/slashed to death Retro-Puppets
3rd Mummy Thrown out of the train window Andre Toulon

​Puppet Master: The Legacy (2003)Edit

​Name ​Cause of Death ​Killer ​Notes
Rick Myers Shot in the chest MacLain
Diary Collector Shot MacLain
MacLain Hit in the head with a hammer, shot, bled to death

Pinhead, Peter Hertz

​Puppet Master: Axis of Evil (2009)Edit

​Name ​Cause of Death ​Killer ​Notes
Elma Coogan Shot Klaus Off-screen
Don Coogan Shot in the chest Klaus Off-screen
Nozoki-ya Choked on a leech Leech Woman
Buta Leg snapped, drilled in the head

Pinhead, Tunneler

Klaus Stabbed, shurikan thrown into eye, head smashed with statue Blade, Ninja, Pinhead
Maximilian Impaled with a samurai sword Ninja
Ninja Stabbed with a samurai sword Ozu

​Puppet Master: Axis Rising (2012)Edit

​Name ​Cause of Death ​Killer Notes
Nazi Soldier Drilled in the forehead Tunneler
Ozu Shot Heinrich Moebius
Daewoo-Kang Throat cut Heinrich Moebius
Uschi Shot in the head Heinrich Moebius
Photographer Shot Blitzkrieg
Major Collins Shot Bombshell
Nazi Guard Stabbed in the head, choked on leeches Blade, Leech Woman
Nazi Guard Shot Danny Coogan
Sgt. Stone Stabbed in the stomach Heinrich Moebius
Kommandant Heinrich Moebius Stabbed in the neck, shot in the arm, blown up Blade, Danny Coogan, Kamikaze

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