― Lynda Van Der Klok [src]
Lynda Van Der Klok
Lynda Van Der Klok

Hair Colour = Blonde Eye Colour = Blue

Known aliases: N/A
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known relatives: Ray Van Der Klok (father)
Marilyn Van Der Klok (mother)
Younger brother
Year of birth: May 7, 1960
Year of death: October 31, 1978 (aged 18)
Signature weapon: N/A
First appearance: Halloween
Portrayed by: P. J. Soles
For infomation on the remake version, please see Lynda Van Der Klok (remake timeline).

Lynda Van Der Klok is a minor character in the original Halloween and a close personal friend of series protagonist Laurie Strode. She first appears in the original Halloween, played by P. J. Soles.


Lynda was born to Ray Van Der Klok and Marilyn Pearson on May 7, 1960 in Haddonfield, Illinois. She had one younger brother. was a ditzy cheerleader, who rarely paid attention to her studies and was more interested in boys and her social life. She was close friends with Laurie Strode and Annie Brackett. She was also known for overusin

Lynda's death.

g the word "Totally".

On the night of October 31, 1978, Lynda originally planned to meet up with Annie and Paul at the Wallace house for a night of fooling around and sex. Lynda doesn't know, that Annie was killed by Michael Myers. After Lynda has sex with Bob, he goes downstairs to get beer. He is attacked by Michael, then pinned up against the wall by a knife. Michael then disguises himself as a ghost with a sheet over his head and Bob's glasses on. Lynda thinks it is Bob, but, after teasing him and flashing him her breasts, he remains quiet. She gets up to call Laurie to see, if she knows, where Annie or Paul are. Michael walks to Lynda, while she is still on the phone, and just when Laurie answers, Michael grabs the phone cord and wraps it around Lynda's neck, strangling her. Laurie can hear Lynda squealing for help, but thinks its another prank call. Lynda falls to the floor and dies. Laurie later discovers her body along with those of Annie and Bob.

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