Mac Eliot
Predator Mac
Year of death
Portrayed by
Bill Duke
Mac Eliot was played by Bill Duke in Predator.

Biography Edit

Sergeant Mac Eliot was a member of Alan "Dutch" Schaefer's private military team, which was hired by the U.S. military and the CIA for a rescue mission in the Republic of Val Verde in 1987. After discovering that their mission was a set-up to dupe them into eliminating the rebels in the area, he and the rest of the squad squad came into contact with a Predator that began to stalk and kill the elite mercenaries one-by-one.

Mac had served alongside his close friend Blain Cooper for many years before they both joined Dutch's team and the two had developed a close friendship. When Blain was killed by it, he saw the Predator and tried to kill him in an obsessive way together with Dutch´s team. He failed. He tried to kill him again at night, but it turned out to be a boar.

When they faced the Predator again at daylight, he went after him out of desire for revenge because of Blain´ s death. Dillon followed him for his own reasons. They both tried to kill the Predator together and they were both killed by it.