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Maine is a state in the continental United States and is the most northern state in the New England region.

Points of interest Edit

It is an actual city in Maine.
Bangor is an actual city in Maine. Famous horror novelist Stephen King resides there.
Collinsport was a (fictional) coastal fishing village located in Maine. Collinsport was 50 miles from Bangor, and near the town of Logansport. Notable locales within Collinsport include the Blue Whale, St. Eustasce Island, Widows' Hill and Collinwood. Collinsport has been featured in the films House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows.
Collinwood is the ancestral estate of the Collins family. It is located atop Widows' Hill in the coastal city of Collinsport. In 1970, the head of the family was Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. Following her death, the estate was inherited by a distant cousin named Quentin Collins and his wife, Tracy. Collinwood has been featured in the films House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows.
Portland, Maine is the birthplace of horror novelist Stephen King.

Films that take place in Maine Edit

People Edit

Characters from Maine Edit

Actors & Actresses born in Maine Edit

Actors & Actresses who died in Maine Edit

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