Major General Homer Phillips
Homer Phillips
Portrayed by
R.G. Armstrong
Major General Homer Phillips was played by R.G.Armstrong in Predator.

Biography Edit

Major General Homer Phillip] was a high ranking officer in U.S. Army Intelligence. He was the mission coordinator who recruited Alan "Dutch" Schaefer's mercenary team, at the request of CIA agent Al Dillon, for a mission in the Republic of Val Verde in 1987 to rout out rebels and their soviet advisors and, if possible, to find out what happened to a previous team lead by Jim Hopper, who disappeared. Since they knew he didn´t want this sort of missions, they lured him into it with a fake story.

Following the mission's disastrous encounter with the Predator, Phillips was aboard the helicopter that rescued Dutch from the jungle after being informed by Anna. He also witnessed the nuclear explosion caused by the Predator, which clearly and unmistakbly made Anna´s and Dutch´s report about what happened credible in his eyes and the eyes of the U.S. government.

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