Masters of Horror is an American Horror Anthology series, created by director Mick Garris. It consists out of two seasons of each 13 episodes and was broadcasted on the Showtime Cable Network. Each episode is a 60-minute horror film, directed by different horror director.


The idea behind Masters of Horror was to have 13 horror directors, direct 13 short films of each 60 minutes. This films covers large parts of the horror spectrum, and are made in style of the particular director. Several of the episodes are adapted of short stories, while the rest are original creations.


The idea for Masters of Horror came from Mick Garris, who also become its creator and producer. He wanted to make an anthology horror series, in which each episode was directed by a different director. This idea stemmed from several informal diners he had had with these "Masters of Horror", discovering that they enjoyed each others work and would be interested in such cooperation. On October 28th, 2005, with the premiere episode, Incident On and Off a Mountain Road, which was positively reviewed, the series continued for its first season with a new episode every Friday at 10 PM. EST. After the succes of the first season a second season followed and eventually a spin-off anthology series, named Fear Itself.


Season 1Edit

No. in series No. in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 Incident On and Off a Mountain Road Don Coscarelli Short Story by: Joe R. Lansdale
Teleplay by: Don Coscarelli & Stephen Romano
October 28, 2005
No good deeds go unpunished, a lesson that Ellen has to learn the hard way, after she collided with another vehicle. As she goes out to help the driver, she is confronted by the monstrous killer, Moonface. Not that Ellen will go down without a fight, though...
2 2 H. P. Lovecraft's Dreams in the Witch-House Stuart Gordon Short Story by: H. P. Lovecraft
Teleplay by: Dennis Paoli & Stuart Gordon
November 4, 2005
After renting a cheap boarding house room, university student Walter Gilman starts to suspect that there is something wrong with the place. Little does he know however that he is at the center of it all.
3 3 Dance of the Dead Tobe Hooper Short Story by: Richard Matheson
Teleplay by: Richard Christian Matheson
November 11, 2005
In 2008, a terrorist organization develops a biological weapon, named Blizz and use it against the US, initiating World War III. Ten years later, the war have left deep scars in the broken society but some have found a way to make the best of it.
4 4 Jenifer Dario Argento Short Story by: Bruce Jones
Teleplay by: Steven Weber
November 18, 2005
Police officer Frank Spivey is the hero of the day after he saved Jenifer, a young woman with a beautiful body but a disfigured face, from her would be killer. At first, he is intrigued by Jenifer but soon he learns that there is more to her than meets the eye...
5 5 Chocolate Mick Garris Short Story by: Mick Garris
Teleplay by: Mick Garris
November 25, 2005
When one day, Jamie started to witness and experience the sights, sounds, smells and even feeling of a mysterious woman, he becomes obsessed by her. Led by the taste of chocolate, he starts his search for her. Quickly does he learn that chocolate can also taste bitter...
6 6 Homecoming Joe Dante Short Story by: Dale Bailey
Teleplay by: Sam Hamm
December 2, 2005
After he spoke out the wish for the return of deceased US soldiers on national television, David Murch gets his wish granted. The dead rises again and they want to vote!
7 7 Deer Woman John Landis Max Landis & John Landis December 9, 2005
After being demoted to investigated animal attacks, Detective Dwight Faraday is confronted by a very strange case. Men are trappled to death by what appears to be a deer, but no animals were reported near the crime scenes, only an enigmatic woman.
8 8 Cigarette Burns John Carpenter Drew McWeeny & Scott Swan December 16, 2005
Le Absolute Fin du Monde was only shown once, at its premiere on the Sitges Film Festival in 1975. During its premiere, it led to a homocidal riot, resulting in multiple deaths. Now, 30 years later, Kirby Sweetman is hired by a collector to find the last existing copy of Le Absolute Fin du Monde.
9 9 Fair Haired Child William Malone Matt Greenberg January 6, 2006
While returning home from school, Tara is kidnapped by a strange couple. The couple quickly traps her in their basement and soon she will learn that she isn't their first victim, nor that she is alone...
10 10 Sick Girl Lucky McKee Story by: Sean Hood
Teleplay by: Sean Hood and Lucky McKee
January 13, 2006
Ida Teeter is an entomologist who thinks she has everything, a new girlfriend, Misty, who isn't disgusted by her insect collection, as well as the opportunity to observe a new species of beetle. But things go downhill quickly when the strange bug escapes its terrarium.
11 11 Pick Me Up Larry Cohen Short Story by: David J. Schow
Teleplay by: David J. Schow
January 20, 2006
Stacia has a really bad day. Her marriage just ended and now the transport bus has a flat tire. Things are only getting worse however when she finds herself caught in a turf war between two serial killers.
12 12 Haeckel's Tale John McNaughton Short Story by: Clive Barker
Teleplay by: Mick Garris
January 27, 2006
After the death of his wife, Edward Ralston visits the cabin of Miz Carnation, who is said to be a necromancer. She isn't too eager to grant him his wish but is willing to do it, if he still wants her help, after he have listened to the story of Ernst Haeckel.
13 13 Imprint Takashi Miike Novel Bokkê, kyôtê by: Shimako Iwai
Teleplay by: Daisuke Tengan
February 25, 2006
American journalist, Christopher, travels to Japan, to find Komomo, a prostitute that he fell in love with years ago. His search led him to an island. On the island, he meets a mysterious woman, who will tell him what she knows but what she knows isn't pleasant...

Season 2Edit

No. in series No. in Season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
14 1 The Damned Thing Tobe Hooper Short Story by: Ambrose Bierce
Teleplay by: Richard Christian Matheson
October 27, 2006
Sheriff Kevin Reddle has a dark secret. When he was a child, his father murdered his wife, before a mysterious force tore him apart. Now, so many years later, the Damned Thing has return to his village...
15 2 Family John Landis Brent Hanley November 3, 2006
Celia and David, a young married couple moved to a new neighbourhood, where they are welcomed by their new neighbour, the friendly Harold. A true family man, but it would appear his idea of family is a rather special one...
16 3 The V Word Ernest Dickerson Mick Garris November 11, 2006
Trying to overcome their boredom, Kerry and Justin decided to pay the mortuary a nightly visit. This innocent prank quickly turns into a nightmare however, once they learn the hard lesson that not corpses find use for coffins...
17 4 Sounds Like Brad Anderson Short Story by: Mike O'Driscoll
Teleplay by: Brad Anderson
November 17, 2006
Larry Pearce has an extraordinary good hearing. What could be considered a gift, quickly turns into a curse, as his ever improving hearing slowly turns his world in an auditorial nightmare.
18 5 Pro-Life John Carpenter Drew McWeeny & Scott Swan November 24, 2006
An abortion clinic turns into a war zone, after Dwayne discovers that his daughter has come to the clinic to end her pregnancy. Encouraged by the voice of God, he will do everything to save the child... If he only knew who the father is...
19 6 Pelts Dario Argento Short Story by: F. Paul Wilson
Teleplay by: Matt Venne
December 1, 2006
When fur trader Jake Feldman gets his hands on a series of identical raccoon furs, he sees this as the perfect opportunity to create a one of kind fur coat. Little do he know, that the tables will be turned on him, very quickly...
20 7 The Screwfly Solution Joe Dante Short Story by: James Tiptree, Jr.
Teleplay by: Sam Hamm
December 8, 2006
As a series of femicides, all over the world shock the world, journalist Anna Alstein starts an investigation. She soon realizes that these events weren't random acts of violence but the start of an epidemic gynocide.
21 8 Valerie on the Stairs Mick Garris Short Story by: Clive Barker
Teleplay by: Mick Garris
December 29, 2006
Trying to write another novel, flopped novelist Rob Hanisey rents a room in the Highberger House, where he meets his peers. One day, he started to see things however and meets the mysterious Valerie. Who is she?
22 9 Right To Die Rob Schmidt John Esposito January 5, 2007
As a car accident leaves his wife in a coma, Cliff Addisson is put before the choice. Will he end her life support or keep her alive like a vegetable? A decision only made harder by the fact that every time his wife flatlines, something bad happens to someone he knows.
23 10 We All Scream for Ice Cream Tom Holland Short Story by: John Farris
Teleplay by: David J. Schow
January 12, 2007
In the 1950's Buster Dawkins was a clown/ice cream man. But one day, some childern decide to prank Buster, a prank that went way out of hand and eventually killed Buster. Now, so many years later, Buster has returned and his killer will know that revenge is a dish best served ice cold!
24 11 The Black Cat Stuart Gordon Short Story by: Edgar Allan Poe
Teleplay by: Dennis Paoli & Stuart Gordon
January 19, 2007
In 1841, a young writer by name of Edgar Allen Poe, hits his lowest point. He suffers a tremendous writer's block and is getting short on cash. After he disfigured his wife's cat, the cat starts to torment him as he slowly looses his grip on reality.
25 12 The Washingtonians Peter Medak Short Story by: Bentley Little
Teleplay by: Richard Chizmar & Johnathon Schaech
January 26, 2007
George Washington is the father of the United States, a glorious leader and good president. Or that is at least how history will remember him. When Mike Franks discovered Washington's darkest secret, he finds himself and his family hunted by a group who will do everything to protect Washington's name.
26 13 Dream Cruise Norio Tsuruta Short Story by: Kôji Suzuki
Teleplay by: Naoya Takayama & Norio Tsuruta
February 2, 2007
Jack, an american lawyer, finds himself in the last place he want to be. On a yacht in the middle of Tokyo Bay, with one of his clients and his wife. His fear for the sea isn't only thing he will have to confront as their pasts finally start to catch up with them...