May is a 2002 American horror film staring Angela Bettis as May Dove Candy, directed by Lucky McKee.


The film starts off with May as a little girl. May's mother gives her a creepy doll named "Suzie" her mother made when she was a little girl. A couple of days later May goes to school but because of her lazy eye she must wear an eyepatch and everyone calls her a pirate.

About 15 years later she is a vet nurse. She is friends with a co-worker who is a lesbian, but may does not realize this because of her lack of social skills. On her way from lunch, May sees a man who is looking at his wrecked car and falls in love with him because of his hands. She meets him again in a restaurant where he has woken up to her hair as she is rubbing her face against his hand. They get friendly but after a date gone wrong he tries to dump her; but she does not understand because of her lack of social skills.

She turns to her lesbian friend and they also get friendly. But the lesbian is promiscuous and May becomes jealous when the lesbian "hits" a girl she found with sexy legs.

May realizes nobody's perfect so she chops off the perfect pieces from eveyone:

  1. her ex's hands
  2. the lesbian's neck
  3. the girl the lesbian hit's legs
  4. a man she met on the street's tattoo
  5. her ex's girlfriend's earings

Then May sews them together and calls her creation "Amy," but becomes upset when she sees that her creation can't see. So she scoops out her good eye and puts it on the creation, but then gets upset again because the creation does not respond to her. The movie ends with "Amy" moving it's arm to comfort May.

List of DeathsEdit

Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Lupe Hit by thrown clay ashtray, fur cut off /off-screen/ May Dove Canady Yes Cat
Blank Impaled through hands into head with scissors, arms cut off /off-screen/ May Dove Canady Yes
Polly Throat slit with 2 scalpels, neck cut off /off-screen/ May Dove Canady Yes
Ambrosia Head impaled with 2 scalpels, legs cut off /off-screen/ May Dove Canady Yes
Hoop Neck impaled with scalpel, ears cut off /off-screen/ May Dove Canady Yes
Adam Stubbs Stomach impaled with scalpel, hands cut off /off-screen/ May Dove Canady Yes

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