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In the 1978 film Halloween, there is an unnamed mechanic working for a company called Phelps Garage. Dr. Sam Loomis finds a booklet of matches outside of his car and as he runs to show the police what he has found as proof that the villain had been there. The camera pans to his corpse showing that Myers had pulled over and killed him for his cloaths so that he could blend in and no one would know he was an escaped mental patient.

In the remake, he is given the name Joseph "Big Joe" Grizzley, and plays a larger part. Here he is shown to be a gruff mean spirited bully of a mechanic who is the leader of the Phelps Garage Company rather than just an employee. Big Joe goes inside a restroom and Myers follows him. Myers and Grizzly fight and the killer ends his life, stabbing Joe twice with his own knife. After killing Joe, Myers takes not only his clothes but also his knife.

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