Prometheus Meredith Vickers
Meredith Vickers
was played by Charlize Theron in the movie Prometheus.

She is the daughter of Peter Weyland, the Weyland Corp founder and the mission´s director of the USS Prometheus. She follows him in the expedition to LV-223. She is estranged from her father and many think she is an android due to her cold behaviour.

During the exploration of LV-223 she stayed inside the Prometheus directing instructions from there.While on the Prometheus' cockpit, Captain Janek engages in a conversation with Vickers and tells her his suspicion of her being an android due to her cold behavior. Vickers responded by telling him to meet her in her room in ten minutes. She kills the next day Charlie Holloway, when he was infected with the dark liquid at his request and when her father woke up, she said farewell to him.

After that she wanted to go home to take her father´s place, but Janek refuses, because he is determined to stop the Engineer, who wants to wipe out Earth´s population. She is killed in the following fight.

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