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Moonface is a character and the main villain in the Masters of Horror 's episode, Incident On and Off a Mountain Road. He is played by John DeSantis.


Not much is known about Moonface, not even his real name. He is however known as a prolific serial killer who lives in the woods near a mountain road. Although his precise tactic is unknown, he often attacks people who are driving on the mountain and takes them to his cabin and chain them up. He then returns to the road, to remove the car of the victim. Once that is taken care of, he goes back to his victim and often places them on a table, where he remove their eyes using a drill press, before hanging the bodies outside in a crucified position. It is speculated that he consider these corpses his family. His relationship with Buddy is uncertain but it is alluded to that they know each other for quite some time and that it was Buddy who came with the name Moonface. As stated by Buddy, shortly before the events of Incident On and Off a Mountain Road, Moonface captured some girls, who offered him sex in exchange for their release. Moonface subsequently killed them through eye removal.

Moments before the events of the film, he had captured a female driver, pulled her out of her car and dragged her over the guardrail and down the mountain side. But before he could incapicate her, they were discovered by Ellen. He quickly loosened the woman and attacked Ellen. He chased her into the forest, where he manage to grab her once but she was able to fight him off. Gaining enough ground on him, she created a trap. In his pursuit of her, he accidentally activated the trap and got stabbed by a pair scissors, right beneath the left eye. This only enraged him as he continued his chase. But due to the incident, Ellen had gained a lot of ground over him, allowing her to set two other traps. Moonface, who had learned from the last trap, easily evaded first trap, a pit with a pike in. Instead of him, the female driver fell into it, impaling her thigh. Ellen, trying to stop the woman, gave away her position to Moonface, who appeared behind her. Hoping that she would get him with her other trap, she forced him to take a step back, only for the trap to backfire terribly and stabbed her with the nail file she used, instead him. Surprised by this outcome, Moonface did let her go and instead concentrated on his first victim. But after Ellen discovered his handiwork and passed out, he took this opportunity to bring both to his cabin.

He chained Ellen to a pillar in his basement, giving her the company of Buddy, before bringing the female driver to his workbench. As he strapped her to the table, just as she woke up, he started to work. As Ellen watched in horror, he removed the eyes of his screaming victim with the pressure drill, killing her in the process. He took the corpse outside, to hang her with the rest of the victim. In the meantime, Ellen, with the help of Buddy removed the nail file and freed herself, only for Buddy to betray her. Alerted by Buddy, Moonface returned and pinned down Ellen against the pillar. She was however able to survive long enough to stab him with the nail file and escape his grip. She fled upstairs, but was quickly followed by Moonface. In the battle that ensued, Ellen was able to push him out the window. While he was able to grab a sheet, this only saves him for a few minutes, as the sheet ripped, and Moonface fell to his death.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Moonface didn't have any special abilities but he is very strong and have a resistance against pain. He was also able to leap great distances as shown when he ambushed Ellen for the first time. But his most dangerous ability was his knowlegde of the forest, making it almost impossible to escape him.


Moonface was a gigantic man with a long, deformed face. He had extremely pale skin, that almost light up in the dark. This was the reason that Buddy gave him the name, Moonface.


Moonface was a mute giant, making it hard to draw any conclusions on his personality. He was a prolific killer however, with the M.O. consisting out in dragging his victims to his cabin and remove their eyes, with drill press. According to Buddy, he did this, so they see things in a different light. He did however not kill everyone, he never had harmed Buddy and he took a special interest in Ellen. Buddy believed that Ellen was one he had been looking for but it unsure what he meant by this. He appeared to have a repressed sexuality, since he killed his previous victims as a reaction to them proposing to have sex with him in exchange for their life. He also had a certain dislike towards his own nickname, Moonface.


Moonface appeared to have killed over a dozen people, based on the amount of the corpses hanging around his house. It is alluded to that he sees these corpses as a family. His victims are people who traveled the mountain road alone, attacking them in their car and dragging them into the woods.