Natalie appeared as the Final Girl in the 1998 slasher film Urban Legend.


Natalie Simon was once a cheerleader and best friends with former sophomore Michelle Mancini of Pendelton University.

She unfortunately made a mistake one gloomy night on a twisty road that changed and altered her life forever. As she was the passenger that night in Michelle's car, they decided to try the Gang High Beam Initiation Legend on any passing car that flashed its lights.

Seeing as Michelle deliberately had the lights off, one silver vehicle happened to flash them and they began tailing and flashing constantly. Their irresponsible prank ended with the blinded driver before them losing control and crashing on the road. By the time the paramedics had arrived, he was already dead.

Natalie soon after was charged along with Michelle with nothing more than Reckless Endangerment.

After this, Natalie stopped talking and communicating with Michelle and dropped from the cheerleader squad. She soon befriended the new transfer student Brenda Bates.

Natalie and Brenda were always friends with Pendelton seniors Parker the partier, Damon the sleazy practical joker, Sasha the sex goddess and local university radio woman, and finally Paul the arrogant news reporter.

Soon, Natalie's friends, beginning with long forgotten Michelle, begin dying in bizarre murders replicating Urban Legends.

As the body count grows and Natalie teams up with Paul to solve the massacre that is occurring, they aim their suspicions in many directions making the film fit into the sub-category of Whodunnit.

Natalie is also present at the time of her manic depressive roommate's murder whom she had often argued with for her rude behavior.

Natalie soon discovers that the killer is actually Brenda, avenging her boyfriend that died in the car. Natalie, Reese the campus security guard and Paul foil Brenda's attempt on their lives and are unseen afterwards.

Natalie is the main character of the film and is the Final Girl. She is portrayed by Alicia Witt.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Natalie Simon also elaborates in Paul's car to him that their ordeal will become a legend too and that it will be slightly altered over time.
  • She speculates that Brenda will become a man, Paul will be a cop and she will end in an mental institution.
  • At the end, she is right about it becoming a legend as a new batch of students at the fictional Ashton College divulge this story, including Natalie's part.

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