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Thomas Burke is a survivor in Final Destination 2. He is a highway patrol officer stationed in Westchester County and is one of the survivors of the Route 23 pile-up. Officer Burke was the eighth and lst survivor to die. Thomas is played by Michael Landes.


Thomas was born in New York. He is one of the stationed police officers in the Route 23 sub-station. Besides highway patrol, Thomas also performs secondary tasks such as police investigation and crimie scene cleanup. During a stake-out with his partner, Burke was reassigned to clean the remains of Billy Hitchcock, avoiding a fatal shoot-out which took his partner's life.

Non-Canon DeathEdit

In Final Destination 3 alternative ending: A newspaper clipping shows that five years after Brian Gibbons' death, Burke went to a hardware store to boy supplies and met Kimberly inside. As they greeted each other an unmanned vehicle behan to drive down the road until it crashed into the store, nearly killing Kim and Thomas. They rushed outside the back door at the last minute only to come into contact with a woodchipper, which failed to shut off. Kimberly got her coat caught inside the machine and was slowly sucked in. Burke tried to save Kim, but in the process he got caught in the machine too. Both of them were hacked to bits by the woodchipper, their blood splattering all over the wall.


  • He and Kimberly Corman are the only characters that were able to cheat death in the entire series.
  • He is the only survivor to be the officer and interrogate other survivors himself.
  • Thomas alongside Kimberly Corman are the longest surviving characters in the series with 5 years. The Pile-up that was meant to kill them happened in 2000 and Kimberly and Thomas died in 2005.

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