One missed call

One missed call is a scary movie of a young girl named Yumi (Kou Shibasaki) who tries to assuage the fears of a friend, Yoko (Anna Nagata), who has received a disturbing voice mail from herself. In the message, Yoko screams while chatting with Yumi. Three days later, the exact call plays out, and Yoko dies. As the bodies of Yumi's friends start piling up after they receive voice mails and videos of themselves, she discovers that a vengeful spirit is the source of the disturbing messages and murders -- and all the messages are strangely connected to her

There are two (3) movies based on One missed call. 1 - 2003 movie (Japanese version) (also the first version of the one missed call series*) 2 - One missed call final ( info:High school student, PAM, hangs herself at school due to severe bullying from her classmates, but she is saved and committed to a hospital in a state of coma)

3 - One Missed Call ( American Version )


1 miss call/2003 - 16 Million

1 miss call final - Unditermined

1 missed call ( American Version ) - $45,847,751[2]

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