Paul Grogan
Paul Grogan
Known relatives
Suzie Grogan (daughter)
unknown ex-wife
Portrayed by
Bradford Dillman
Paul Grogan was played by Bradford Dillman in the movie Piranha.

About Edit

He is unemployed. He drinks a lot because of the divorce with his wife. He has a daughter called Suzie Grogan and lives near a river. He once worked in a factory.

He helps Maggie trace two missing teenagers by being her guide, which leads them to an abandoned government test site he knew about and therefore plays a role in releasing the Piranhas by giving her free hand in emptying the pond at the test site and by stopping Hoak from acting accordingly to stop her.

When he realises that the Piranhas are like salmon, who live in fresh and salt water, he, like her, then do everything to stop the Piranhas from going downstream to the ocean. On the way he helps in saving children, including his daughter. Later he manages to reach the ocean in time and stop the Piranhas with Maggie´s help, while all the time having to fight the military on the way who want to maintain the Piranhas in secret in the public eye, recklessly endangering the people on the way.

He does it by unleashing pure poison from a factory he once worked at at the end of the river, but suffers a lot of wounds by reaching Piranhas while doing it. He is then treated by Maggie in the presence of his daughter.

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