Paxton is a fictional character featured in the 2005 horror film Hostel which was written, produced and directed by Eli Roth. He was portrayed by Jay Herrnandez who reprised his role in its 2007 sequel Hostel: Part II.

Hostel Edit

Hostel follows college students Paxton and Josh who along with their friend Oli travel to eastern Europe in search of thrills. The three are lured to a youth hostel in Slovakia said to be stocked with American-loving women. There they meet two attractive single women named Natalya and Svetlana who entice the trio to the spa and the Disco. The next day Paxton and Josh find that Oli has gone missing. Although Josh is anxious to leave immedietly Paxton talks him into staying one more night. That night the two are slipped tranquilizers, Josh stumbles back to the room while Paxton passes out in the Disco's storage room closet. Paxton awakens the next morning and interrogates Natalya and Svetlana on the whereabouts of Josh. He is lured to a run- down factory where he is ambushed by thugs and brought to a room where a man begins torturing him. He severes two of Paxtons fingers on his left hand with a chainsaw, cutting through his restraints as well. He then slips severing his own right leg and giving Paxton the opportunity to escape. Paxton shoots him in the head and frees himself from the chair. He then journeys through the factory looking for an escape route. He learns that he and his friends were sold by an underground murder-for-profit business called "Elite Hunting". Paxton rampages through the factory coming across many clients of Elite Hunting. He is the soul survivor at the end of the film.

Hostel: Part II Edit

Paxton's story line is breifley continued in Hostel: Part II. He is shown trying to cope with the events taking place in the previous film now living in seclusion with his girlfriend Stephanie. The two get into an argument where Stephanie denounces Paxton's paranoia as insufferable and exaggerated. She awakes the next morning to find Paxton decapitated. His head is delivered to Elite Hunting manager, Sasha Rassimov who stores Paxton's severed head in a room along with the collected heads of many others.

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